Brand Overview: Tea Ave

Dear friends and readers, I would like to introduce you to Tea Ave.

Tea Ave

Tea Ave is a brand spankin’ new online tea company that is based out of Vancouver and has drool-worthy everything. Seriously, just go look at the front page of their website – it’s so pretty. Everything is so well thought out – from their logo, to their photographs and the labels for their tea. If there was a designer after my own heart, it would be Tea Ave’s.

Other than gorgeous designed everything, Tea Ave is also pretty impressive in the tea department. They specialize in oolong tea – which definitely isn’t my forte, so I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge! The tea is high quality stuff with no artificial ingredients – just pure, delicious tea – that they source directly from Taiwan, so the price tag is a bit higher than some tea, but I have a feeling it’s going to be all worth it.

(I like to think of it in beauty blogger terms – a Chanel lipstick versus a drugstore one. Both are good, but there is a definite difference in quality there.)

I am super impressed with this little company already and they’ve only had a live website for six days. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on their tea and the aroma cup set that they sent me to try out. That review will hopefully be up next week! Until then tell me what your absolute favourite tea is – inquiring minds are dying to know!

(That inquiring mind is me. I’m dying to know)


3 thoughts on “Brand Overview: Tea Ave

  1. Oolong is probably my favourite. Or black. Who knows. BUT YEAH, I LOVE DAVID’S TEA OOLONG BLENDS.
    Just clicked the site and my oh my. Gotta say, I have a long history of being suckered into the minimalist aesthetic for packaging (-coughcough Herbivore Botanicals-)

    • I LOVE minimalist design. When they launched their site I just kind of ogled it for a while because preeeeeeetty.

      I’m hoping to get a review of their Jasmine Oolong up on Friday *fingers crossed* which is AMAZEBALLS. I am going to have a reaaaaaally hard time not repurchasing it.

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