REVIEW | Tea Ave Magnolia Oolong & Osmanthus Oolong

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Hi, friends! Sorry for the silence over here the past week. I’ve been holding true to my promise from earlier this month to take some time for myself rather than posting just to put up content and it’s been really good for me, I think. I’m excited to share the final instalment of my Tea Ave reviews with you today, though! If you missed out on the first review, you’re definitely going to want to go check it out – it features a delicious Jasmine Oolong that you really are going to want to read about, I promise.

Today’s post is featuring two more teas from the new Canadian brand – a Magnolia Oolong and an Osmanthus Oolong. These didn’t blow me away quite like the Jasmine did, but I definitely still think they’re worth reviewing and reading. There is something so refreshing about all of the Tea Ave teas that I was sent that heralds spring. Mmm.

REVIEW | Tea Ave Magnolia Oolong & Osmanthus Oolong* (+ Giveaway!)

First up is the Magnolia Oolong. I admit, this was my least favourite tea of the bunch. It was just a little too floral for me, though my husband enjoyed it more than I did. I was overwhelmed by the floral notes, but my husband found it had a slight apple tilt on the tongue which he found helped to balance the tea.

REVIEW | Tea Ave Magnolia Oolong & Osmanthus Oolong* (+ Giveaway!)

As you can assume, I preferred the Osmanthus Oolong, which is a light, yet creamy tea that I found had a slightly nutty aftertaste. Tea Ave describes it as subtly fruity, which I can start to taste in the third steep – it becomes almost peachy. This tea really makes me think of summer, with it’s mellow and smooth texture and I have a feeling that it will make an exquisite iced tea.

And now for the fun part! Tea Ave so graciously sent me two of these wonderful gift sets to share with you. This giveaway is for everything I have talked about – the Aroma Cup Set, three tea samples (Magnolia, Jasmin and Osmanthus Oolong) and a $15 Tea Ave gift card. I will be sending this out myself so I’m afraid that it’s only available to residents of Canada. Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter!

REVIEW | Tea Ave Magnolia Oolong & Osmanthus Oolong* (+ Giveaway!)

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7 thoughts on “REVIEW | Tea Ave Magnolia Oolong & Osmanthus Oolong

    • They’re pretty comparable and I think the teas from Tea Ave are higher quality, though I have only tried one oolong from DT. Tea Ave does seem to use less additives for flavour than DT which I really like.

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