Photo Diary: Weekend at Sea

Hi friends! It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat down to write an informal lifestyle-y post so I thought it was well past time. (It also helps that I have something to tell you about!)

Last weekend Dylan and I left our dear kitty with some friends and ventured to the South Shore about two hours out of Halifax to a friends cabin. Sea house? Well, his house by the ocean anyway. We all piled into said friends car, which was quite literally packed to the bursting with food, people, clothes and one very cute dog and drove out to this beautiful house sitting atop a hill with the perfect view of the ocean.

Weekend at Sea

We spent the weekend eating great food, exploring the rocks (we saw a seal!) and snooping in the windows of all of the expensive, empty vacation homes in the area. We discovered one that was half built and abandoned – it truly would have been a magnificent home had it been completed. The stone work alone screamed labor of love and the granite counter top that had been installed despite the incomplete walls suggested that the owner ran out of money before he could complete it. It was seriously heart breaking, yet fascinating.

It was absolutely the perfect weekend and I really hope we can go back out again this summer!

Weekend at Sea

Weekend at Sea

Weekend at Sea

Weekend at Sea

Weekend at Sea

Weekend at Sea


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