Tea Time: Teapigs Organic Matcha

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Tea Time post! I admit, since it’s been getting warmer I’ve been drinking less tea, so it’s been tough to find inspiration. But you can put mathcha in anything! All that delicious green tea taste without sweating for an hour after you’ve finished drinking it? Yes please!

Tea Time: Teapigs Matcha

If you haven’t heard of teapigs before it’s likely because it’s primarily a UK based brand that is just getting it’s start over here in North America. I’ve seen teapigs tea in my local Superstore and at British import stores but it hasn’t really hit the mainstream market yet. All I had to do was taste their peppermint tea to know that they know their stuff. It is by far the best peppermint I have ever tasted and I am absolutely hooked.

Considering teapigs is the brand that makes my favourite peppermint, I had quite high expectations from the teapigs organic matcha*. I’m still very much a matcha novice, but anything that’s toted as being the superhero of tea by teapigs has got my attention. Especially considering it’s jam packed full of antioxidants and has a whole lot of caffeine packed in. Anything that will wake me up in the morning is music to my ears! Especially if it’s easier on my insides than coffee, cus lets face it, as amazing as coffee is…coffee tummy is just not pleasant.

Teapigs Matcha

Look at that finely ground goodness! It’s not actually clumpy – the fine powder just sticks together in the pot.

(As an aside: I would like to thank teapigs for their beautiful packaging. Not only is it nice to look at, the screw-top lid actually means you don’t make a mess every time you open it! Hurray!)

Teapigs recommends drinking their matcha as a shot – 1/2 tsp of teapigs organics matcha + 30 ml of liquid. I myself prefer it in smoothies, cookies or the occasional latte. The matcha taste is a little bitter for me to handle without something to cover it up but I do love how it makes me feel. If I were to compare it to the quick burst of energy I get when I drink coffee I’d say that matcha is more of a slow burn. So long as I keep up on my water intake I don’t need my afternoon coffee as often. (I mean, I am still a caffeine addict, I’m gonna need it occasionally!)

My final verdict: I’m still not a matcha convert, but I’m working on it! And the teapigs organic matcha is definitely a great way to go if you’re looking for good quality matcha. There are a few different sizes to choose from on their site so you don’t have to go all in, though there is a bulk option if that’s your game. (That’s pretty darn awesome if you ask me.)


13 thoughts on “Tea Time: Teapigs Organic Matcha

  1. I’ve tried matcha as a bit of an add on to regular green tea. I do like it added to things like tea lattes and smoothies.. I like a stronger taste 🙂

  2. Hey, Tea Pigs! I’ve seen these around, but never tried any. Don’t think I’ve made matcha on my own tho. I’ve had it when I was back home, mostly in ice cream and so on. It is a bit of an acquired taste!

  3. The twist top seems like a great idea! Wee at new tea brands! I’d be interested to try Teapigs out!

    I definitely get you in that it’s harder to drink tea in the summer! Ice tea season is beginning!

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