MAC Plumful

When I met Zoe back in January we decided that we should both buy a MAC lipstick to commemorate the occasion. At this point I owned three MAC lipsticks (Lustering, Viva Glam V and Viva Glam I) and five MAC products in total (the lipsticks, a Mineralize Skinfinish and Matchmaster foundation that is sadly too dark for me…) so I had no idea which lipstick I should add to my collection. Do I go the red route and do Lady Danger? Or maybe the purple Rebel?

MAC Plumful

Zoe was looking at picking up Syrup Capricious and after she mentioned how much she loved Plumful, I decided to try it on. (I also tried on Viva Glam Miley, which actually looked fantastic but it was far too pink for me to ever wear.)

It was love at first swipe. I had heard Beauty Vloggers and Bloggers rave about it, of course, but I hadn’t actually realized how wonderful it was. It’s the perfect berry for the fall/winter season and it’s got just enough of a purple hint to it that I still adore it into spring. (Though I admit it’s been falling to the wayside for the likes of Clinique Poppy Pop lately.)

MAC Plumful

MAC Plumful is a lustre formula which is quickly become my favourite for both MAC and other brands of lipstick. It has a sheer but buildable pigmentation that has a natural sheen to it, meaning it is moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. It may only last a few hours but there’s no need to worry about it fading funny, so reapplication isn’t necessary in that department.

MAC Plumful

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick?



17 thoughts on “MAC Plumful

  1. Very pretty! I love that this one is still quite natural. I think my next buy from mac might be syrup. I bought it for a friend’s birthday and just wanted to steal it for myself!

  2. Hey Jodi, Plumful is on my permanent wish-list and it looks great on you! Each autumn I think about picking it up, but I always end up getting too distracted. For the moment my coral obsession is full-on again, so I’ll reconsider in autumn 😉

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