Beauty Face Off: beautyblender vs. Real Techniques

Beauty Face Off: beautyblender vs Real Techniques

It seems like every company is coming out with a makeup sponge now. It started with the beautyblender and it doesn’t matter if they’re high end or drug store, there are dozens of options out there now. I have two to compare today: the original beautyblender and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, a more affordable alternative.

When dry the beautyblender is much smaller than the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, but when wet, the beautyblender grows to two or three times its original size, whereas the Real Techniques sponge only expands a little.

The Miracle Complexion sponge feels much denser to the touch than the beautyblender, which made me think it might not soak up as much product. However because the beautyblender does expand so much when wet, the opposite is actually true. The water fills the pores in the sponge so that the foundation sits mostly on top of the sponge whenblending. After wetting both sponges and comparing how much product I used, I used slightly less with the beautyblender. It’s not a huge difference, though.

Beauty Face Off: beautyblender vs Real Techniques

This is what they look like when wet. My Miracle Complexion sponge is starting to look a little misshapen…

The biggest difference I feel with the two sponges is ease of use. I find the beautyblender blends product in faster and easier than the Miracle Complexion sponge. It could be the age difference (I’ve had the Miracle Complexion sponge for about nine months and the beautyblender for one month) but the beautyblender fits easier into my hand and is a bit easier to control.

Where the Miracle Complexion sponge is stronger, though, is in its shape. The flat side of the Miracle Complexion sponge is so perfect for getting around the eyes and nose area and I find that precision is lacking in the beautyblender. The beautyblender does have a more precise point on the end, but unless you’re trying to conceal an itty bitty spot, I don’t find that matters much. I think beautyblender tried to challenge the whole getting into tight corners thing with the mini beautyblender, but it just doesn’t seem the same.

So which would I recommend? Honestly, I love them both and use them pretty much interchangeably, depending on which one I dirty first. It really depends on your budget and how much you’re going to use them. I’m interested to see how well the beautyblender lasts throughout the months considering my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge is starting to lose its shape…

What’s a makeup tool that you can’t live without?



27 thoughts on “Beauty Face Off: beautyblender vs. Real Techniques

  1. GREAT comparison! I find that so many people are die-hards for one or the other and it’s hard to know if a review is unbiased. I’m so hesitant to spend so much money on the Beauty Blender because I love the Real Techniques sponge so much.

    • Oh yay, I’m so glad that this was helpful for you! I was a bit uncertain if my actual thoughts came across well so I’m glad it did. If you’re happy with the RT sponge, definitely stick with it! I love mine to pieces. 🙂

  2. I looooove this!!! I did almost an identical post a few months ago and came to the very some conclusion!
    I’m so happy our testing results are on point with each other. I love the beauty blender but for someone less makeup obsessed (hehe) a no name version is a might fine alternative!

    Also I do wish the bb had a flat side!
    Great post lady :))

  3. I have the beauty blender and a friend has the rt one. She wasn’t too impressed with it which surprised me because I’ve heard overall positive things. For me, I really like my beauty blender, but I find it depends the foundation I use. If I’m using my MUFE one, it sheers it out too much which kind of defeats the point of foundation!

  4. I (for some reason) own 3 BeautyBlenders and the Real Techniques sponge but I tend to always use the RT version! I think it’s because I like the shape better. I do agree with you though, they are pretty my much interchangeable! 🙂

  5. I’ve tried the BB but not the RT one… yet. I see its merits, but I’m not in love with it as much as I thought I would. Still, I don’t regret buying it because my curiosity is satiated at least.

  6. Hmm judging by the comments and your review, they seem pretty on par with each other. I’ve only tried the RT sponge, which I love, as I’m too cheap to spend so much on a sponge. Unless the Beauty Blender really lasts exponentially longer than the RT, then price factor is the decision-maker for me!

  7. I think I might be on the verge of buying either one of these damn sponges, just to see what the hype is all about. I WANT AIRBRUSHED SKIN TOO! ;-;
    I’m really glad Walmart has started carrying the RT sponge because it has really made it more accessible to try. Quick question though…how does one….wash these things??

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