The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

photo credit: Death to Stock Photo

Thanks so much to Christine who nominated me for this little tag/award! The Versatile Blogger award celebrates bloggers who are pushing the envelope, whether that be through writing, photography, topic, etc. so I’m very touched to be included!

The Versatile Blogger award is a pretty simple tag post to complete – the recipient writes 7 facts about themselves and then nominates some bloggers to do the award next! Seems as I don’t do Sunday Posts often anymore, this is perfect for letting you into my life a bit more. So without further ado…

  1. One of the biggest influences in my life to date has been Harry Potter. It may sound cheesy, but the only thing(s)/people that I credit more to shaping me into who I am today are my parents. I lived for those books as a kid! I even volunteered for The Harry Potter Alliance for…two years? Three years? I can’t remember now. Whoops. But a good chunk of time. (I’m a Hufflepuff, by the way.)
  2. When I was in second grade I wanted glasses desperately. I was the only person in my family without them and I wanted them so badly that part of me believes that I actually willed myself into having poor eyesight. 😉
  3. I grew up on a farm in rural central Alberta, where my parents raised cows. I grew up bottle feeding newborn calves, running around the barn yard with our dogs and hunting for newborn kittens. It was the best.
  4. I have been married for one year now (weiiiiird) to my bestest friend. ❤
  5. I love walking. So much so that I actually walk everywhere. Our van doesn’t have registered plates and I public transit makes me anxious so I walk everywhere and it’s awesome. (Though sweaty.)
  6. Since moving to Nova Scotia last year, fall has quickly become my favourite season. It’s the perfect temperature while still being snow-less. And everything is still green! (Alberta really didn’t get much of a fall…)
  7. I am a coffee addict and I drink it way more than I let on when I write about tea. I haven’t been reaching for tea at all lately! (Hence the lack of Tea Time posts.) Coffee is just so darn tasty.

And now it’s your turn! I’d love to see anyone do it, but I’m going to specifically tag Natalie, Zoe, Jenn F., Rae, Allison, anddddd Jenn M.



11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award


    That farm life sounds so much fun (although I’m sure it’s not always that way, but newborn animals yes please!) Thanks for the tag! I am horrible at doing these but I will try to remember 🙂

  2. Another Harry Potter fan! ♥ I’m a Gryffindor 😉

    I don’t drive, and taking transit across cities (which is what I usually have to do) costs so much in Toronto/GTA, so I walk whenever I can. I really love walking everywhere in downtown!

    Thanks for doing the tag! ♥ 😀

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