BITE Beauty Maple Matte Crème Lipsticks

BITE Beauty Maple Collection

When I first heard about the BITE Beauty Maple Matte Crème Lipsticks, I may have done a little excited flail. I love BITE’s High Pigment Pencils, but I had yet to try their lipsticks and what better excuse was there than these fall-inspired, maple scented lipsticks?

When I went into Sephora, I had only intended to pick up one – Sugared Maple. It’s a beautiful deep purple in the tube that turns into a lovely berry on the lips. As soon as I saw photos I knew I needed to have it (I mean, it’s purple). But then I made the mistake of swatching the collection and I just couldn’t put Mulled Maple down. The only way I can think to describe Mulled Maple is Oxblood – a dark brown-toned red that you’d see in maple leaves during the fall. Both lipsticks are vampy-ish shades that glide across the lips beautifully – though they do emphasize fine lines, so exfoliating is needed beforehand.

BITE Beauty Mulled Maple Lip Swatch and Lipstick

BITE Beauty Mulled Maple Lip Swatch and Lipstick

BITE Beauty Maple Collection - Sugared Maple and Mulled Maple Swatches

Both of the arm swatches above were done with one light swatch, so you can see that the BITE Beauty Maple Matte Crème lipsticks are incredibly pigmented. I would say they are more satin than matte upon application but turn into more of a true matte after about half an hour – maybe that’s the “Matte Crème” mention? Because they do have that bit of a sheen to them they are comfortable to wear on the lips and aren’t drying at all. They’re pretty much my ideal lipstick formula and with the bonus maple scent well…you really can’t go wrong.



18 thoughts on “BITE Beauty Maple Matte Crème Lipsticks

  1. Ahhh! I saw them all in stock at Sephora the other day and so wanted to get them, but I’m waiting for the 4x points week to start for vib rouge/3x for vib. Sugared maple is gorgeous!!!! These are so on spot for fall!

    • I really should have waited for the big points week! I honestly completely forgot about it before I bought it. Ohhhh well.

      I actually am impatient for fall to arrive just so I can wear these! 😛

  2. Ugh, this collection is SO CANADIAN AND I LOVE IT. I originally wanted a different shade, but ended up getting ‘Mulled Maple’ as well! (And hoenstly, between the two you have, Mulled Maple is still mah fave) Haven’t tried it out yet because y’know, 1) it’s 30+ degrees outside here, and 2)I need to take 50 billion photos of it before defiling it with my lips

  3. These were the two from the collection I was drawn to for sure. Yeah I’ve heard that Mulled Maple isn’t as super creamy as the other offerings, but I’m okay with that. They both look stunning on you! I think I might pick up Mulled during the Sephora points event!

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