Obsessed: Clinique Pop Lip Pop + Primer Lipsticks

Clinique Pop Lip Pop + Primer Melon Pop & Grape Pop

I knew I was going to cave and get more shades of the beautiful, perfect Clinique Pop Lip Pop + Primer lipsticks. I just knew it. How could I help myself when they glide on so beautifully and are so pigmented? I don’t want to be too repetitive with this review (rave/fangirl time) so here are the quick and dirty details:

  • 16 shades available
  • long-wearing (4-6 hours depending on the shade)
  • light-weight and moisturizing – it actually feels like a lip balm, rather than a lipstick
  • doesn’t emphasize fine lines
  • wears away evenly

(I was much more coherent in my original review of Poppy Pop.)

Clinique Pop Lipstick + Primer in Grape Pop and Melon Pop - Swatches

Now, the shades. Melon Pop and Grape Pop couldn’t get more different if you tried. Melon Pop is a beautiful light peach shade that is the perfect every day lipstick while Grape Pop is exactly what colour you’d think of when you hear grape: a beautiful blurple (blue+purple) that I can’t get enough of. It’s actually the perfect purple lipstick. It’s not a berry, it’s not too dark, it’s just purple. I’ve noticed Grape Pop does last on my lips longer than Melon Pop, but because Melon Pop is more of a natural lip colour I don’t mind reapplying anyway. Especially when the lid of the lipstick can act like a mirror in a pinch. (How handy is THAT?)

Now my next question is…which shades do I need next?

New Obsession: Clinique Pop Lip Pop + Primer

I mean…how can I not collect more? So PRETTY


16 thoughts on “Obsessed: Clinique Pop Lip Pop + Primer Lipsticks

  1. Love love love these!! I’m not crazy about the packaging (like Chelle), but I am CRAZY about the formula. Fab Pop is probably my favourite right now, but I would really like to pick up one of the more natural-looking shades!

  2. mannn I was looking at these at Sephora today and resisted, but I think I’ll..just get one maybe 😀 Or wait for a GWP at bay and buy TWO?! the possibilities….I have my eye on melon pop

    • Melon pop is seriously such a perfect warm nude. I have a feeling I won’t use it as much once winter hits but right now it’s pretty much living on my lips. Definitely wait for a GWP so you can get two!! 🙂

  3. Melon Pop looks amazzinggggg. Seeing all of the swatches just makes me want them so much, but I keep telling myself I get on with liquid lipsticks much better. I can’t deny how gorgeous the Lip Pops are!

  4. I seriously love the packaging for these, but I haven’t found a shade that I like in this range yet! Melon and ‘Plump’ (typo? ;)) Pop both look amzing, but I doubt I’d get any wear from either.

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