Life Lately: Thunder Storms and Family Visits

Life Lately

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I’m currently sitting in the dark in my pj’s next to Korra, writing this five days ahead of schedule because I realized how long it’s been since I’ve sat down and chatted with you guys. There’s a thunder storm outside and I am LOVING it. I miss thunder storms so much – there’s nothing quite like a prairie thunder storm in the heat of summer to cool things off and give a pretty light show. This one is too humid and not close enough to be what I’m truly craving as a thunder storm, but it’s close enough.

What have I even been doing lately? There’s been a lot of time spent at the library working on a Biology course I started online way back in January but have barely touched. (Whoops.) There’s also consequently been a lot of reading happening – especially of graphic novels. Batman has been calling to me lately and the library has so many of the New 52 reboot so I’ve been inhaling them. (I currently have over 20 requests in the system for graphic novels. Yeah.) It’s been so lovely just reading again. It’s been a long time, but the combination of having a library down the street and Dylan using my computer most days for work has left me with a lot of offline time and it’s been swell. Oh! I also finished the Divergent series finally. It was pretty good! I love the complexity of Tris’ and Four’s relationship – even if it did feel forced at times. It wasn’t a typical YA love fest which was refreshing. Though I watched the Insurgent movie after and it left a sour taste in my mouth. Yech.

A week-ish ago my brother came to visit. It was the first time in over a year that I have seen, hugged or talked face to face to one of my family members. The four days he was here were both amazing and exhausting – I loved every minute of being with him whether we were watching The Busker Fest, eating AMAZING pizza from Morris East, spending HOURS at the Board Room cafe (it might just be my new favourite place outside of my apartment.) Well…third favourite behind the Public Gardens and the Central Library. There’s a $5 “cover charge” for entry and then you get access to their whole library of board games. There has to be over 100 on their shelves. They also offer drinks (alcoholic and non), food (snacks and more hearty stufF) and pretty amazing milkshakes if I do say so myself. We went on two separate occasions and on both instances were shocked at how late it was by the time we left. Considering I’m usually counting down the minutes until I get home after I leave the house, that’s pretty fabulous!

Did I tell you I quit my job? I don’t think I’ve really publicly said that. I was just done. And I need to get through this Biology course before September 30 and it just wasn’t happening while I was working. Plus it leaves me with more time to rub Korra’s tummy and drink gallons of coffee. 😉

How has your summer been?


12 thoughts on “Life Lately: Thunder Storms and Family Visits

  1. Ooo quitting a job can be scary. You seem to feel totally okay about it though, so grats to you! Catch up on Biology must be a little bit scary (been there, done that.. even once dropped a course because I waited too long to catch up… ugh).

    I’m not caught up on Divergent… I think I only manage to read each book right before the movie comes out! I used to love reading…. devouring one or two books a week. But now I feel like beauty blogging has taken up so much time that I don’t get that chance to read anymore. I’m going to have to make an effort… because like you, I just love it.

    • I regret it some because my husbands computer died right after I was done. So things have been really tight and not fun, but it’s been worth it for my mental health alone. I am almost at the point of having to drop Bio because I’m running out of time but I really hope I don’t have to!

      Graphic novels have been so good to help me get back into it because they go so fast! Even if I don’t have time for a book, I have half an hour for a graphic novel.

  2. OOO I didn’t know you quit your job! Glad to hear you’re having a good time in the library tho. I didn’t realize you are so far away from your family. I am as well, but they are coming over in October and I will hopefully be able to go back for a while afterwards as well. Best of luck with everything and rub Korra’s tummy for me! ❤

  3. AH we have to spend the day at The Board Room when I come visit… is this happening next weekend? Haha

    I didn’t realize you had quit your job either but it definitely sounds like the right choice to give yourself a bit of a mental break ❤

  4. Sounds like it’s been a great summer so far! I am such a sucker for thunderstorms and I so, so need to get back into reading. It’s the one thing I keep putting off! Good luck with the bio course- and the Korra snuggles 🙂

  5. Yass, I quit my job earlier this month too, and it looks like we’re ~funemployed~!!! (And hah, more time to work on blog posts and rub my dog’s belly too!) Good luck on the bio course as well–bio was one of my favourite courses until I realised I hate chemistry and bio and chem go too hand-in-hand sometimes.

    Must be so nice and refreshing to have a family member visit! My brother moved out for university this year, but he does come home on some weekends. Still, it is a bit sad since he was my 12am McDonald’s/pizza run partner-in-crime.

    • Rubbing my cats tummy is the best part of having nothing to do till university starts again. 😉 And yeah, love the biology part of it, hate the chemistry part!

      It was lovely! I’m insanely jealous whenever my family gets together on weekends or what not, so I’m glad I got to steal him away for a while. 😉

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