Guest Post: Worth the Splurge with Shaylee

Hey everyone, it’s Shaylee from Cosmetically Curious posting here on the lovely Jodi’s blog! I’m so excited to be able to guest post for one of my favourite blogs to read and I’m especially excited to write about one of my favourite topics… things that are worth the splurge! It actually took me a lot of time to decide what I wanted to write about. Initially, I was drawn to skin care since I’ve spent the most money (at one time) on things like Serums and Moisturizers. But then I decided that I should dig through my stash and find things that I really knew were worth the money I’ve spent on them.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette

That’s how I came to this lovely palette. This is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye palette. It’s one of my newer palette purchases and I was a bit on the fence about it at first, but I must say, now that I have it I don’t know what I would do without it!

Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette

Why I Love It

First off, I have to say that Kat Von D has a killer eyeshadow formulation in my opinion! I suffer with really greasy lids all the time and have a hard time finding a shadow that works for me (NOTE: I always apply Smashbox 24H Photo Finish Eye Primer under my shadows to hold them in place!). Second, you’re getting a lot of product in this palette for the $55 CAD they are charging at Sephora. Yes, it is a splurge in a sense that it’s over $50, but you’re also getting a great value! Third, the beautiful neutral shades (no pun intended) of this palette were what drew me to it. Lately, I’ve been all about contouring and highlighting (who hasn’t?) so this was an obvious next step in my routine.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette

The Palette

The Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye palette comes with three designated “looks”. The first section (far left) are the neutral tones, the middle section contains the cool tones and the far right has a variety of warm tones. This makes it easy for anyone to use this palette and mix and match to get the perfect contoured look on the eye. I personally love using the neutral tones but the rich Black shade (Shax) and the deep mohogany brown shade (Sytry) are staples in my routine.

All of the shades including in this palette are matte since it’s primarily for contouring the eye area and they blend like a dream. They are super high­ pigment, long­ wearing and give you incredibly true colour pay off from what you see in the pan. Nothing bugs me more than buying a really pretty eyeshadow only to get it home and realize it swatches completely different, so much appreciated Kat.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette

These are all swatched one finger swipe on the pan and directly to my arm. As you can tell, a couple of the shades in the “neutral” section are very close to my skin tone (Lucius) or very sheer (Laetus). They are still, however, wearable and add a nice highlight to the eye depending on how heavily you apply them. None of the shades come off as chalky to me but some do have better colour payoff than others. In the long­run I think they are all really easy to work with and you can create a ton of different looks with this palette alone or with mixing in fun pops of colour from another palette.

Overall, this is definitely worth the splurge! A lot of the time when I buy an eyeshadow palette, I end up using a shade or two but in the end it probably would have been cheaper to just buy a couple single shades. With this palette, I use almost every colour and it has definitely become a staple in my everyday routine!

Thanks again to Jodi for letting me post on her blog this month and for letting me talk about my Splurge Worthy beauty!


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Worth the Splurge with Shaylee

  1. As well, I can definitely see myself using most of the shades in this palette (except maybe the orange one–Ludwin??). Kat von D DOES make pretty good eyeshadows–I have Innerstellar and there’s definitely a lot of product for the price!

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