Annabelle Cosmetics Autumn 2015 Launches: Brows

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Welcome to the final post of the Annabelle Cosmetics Autumn 2015 launch! Part 1 and 2 were all about the eyes, and this time around we’re talking brows. Annabelle is giving us three new drugstore priced options for our brows and they do not disappoint.

Annabelle Cosmetics Autumn 2015 Eyebrow Launches

To start us off, Annabelle is introducing the new Brow to Go kit ($9.95). This kit is available in two shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. I was sent Medium/Dark to play with and it’s just about a perfect match for my brows – it’s just a teeny bit too warm, but I can make it work. Inside each kit are two powders and a fixing gel, tweezers and an angle liner brush perfect for on-the-go application. The powders are so soft you guys. I touched them to swatch them on my arm and I just want to rub it all over my face it’s so soft. Other than their softness, I really love the powders to work with. I prefer using an able brush that has a longer handle, rather than the one provided, but it is perfect for on the go touch ups. The powders go on softly and can be built up if you’d like, and if you have unruly brows then the wax works beautifully. It’s soft but not sticky and doesn’t leave your brows feeling crisp.

Annabelle Cosmetics Autumn 2015 Eyebrow Launches

Next up is the Big Show Brow Liner + Highlighter ($9.95), which is my favourite brow product of the bunch. Upon first glance I thought the jumbo pencil would be too big to do brows, but it’s powdery formula makes it so easy to work with. This isn’t once of those pencils where you draw each individual brow hair, it’s more of a fill ’em in pencil, but because of the powdery nature of the liner your brows don’t look drawn on. The highlighter side is my favourite, though – it’s creamy and so easy to blend into your skin. It’s the perfect shade for my skin tone, though unfortunately it might be too champagney to work for darker skin tones. The Big Show Brow Liner + Highlighter comes in two shades: Light and Medium. (I was sent light.)

Annabelle Cosmetics Autumn 2015 Eyebrow Launches: Swatches

Swatches Left to Right: Stay Sharp Long-Wearing Brow Liner in Medium Brown, Big Show Brow Liner + Highlighter (Highlighter end), Big Show Brow Liner + Highlighter (Brow Liner end) in Light, Brow to Go Kit in Medium/Dark.

The Stay Sharp Long-Wearing Brow Liner ($9.95) is an addition to Annabelle’s Stay Sharp line, which already includes lip liners and eyeliners. This line is known for it’s ease of use thanks to it’s self-sharpening cap and extra-precise nib. These pencils are waterproof and last all day, even if you touch your brows like I tend to. The pencil is so easy to use with the super fine tip and you can really control how heavy your brows are with just a bit of pressure. There are a whopping six shades available in the Stay Sharp Long-Wearing Brow Liner range: blond, taupe, auburn, medium brown, dark brown and ebony.

Will you be picking up any of these new brow products?


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