Back to School Resolutions

Back to School Resolutions

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Now that it’s September and I’m heading back to University, I am definitely feeling that start of the year vibe. Like a lot of young adults, September feels more like the beginning of a new year to me than January thanks to all of those years being indoctrinated in grade school. 😉 I didn’t think about doing a post about my back to school resolutions until Jenn posted hers. That got me thinking about what my goals were for September onwards and because I’m so bad at keeping myself accountable, I thought posting it here was a very good idea.


Ohhhhh boy. My budget has been all over the place since starting work back in November, but now that I’m not working I’ve had a really tough time cutting my spending back. Especially with excuses like but it’s for the blog and it makes me happy running through my brain. It’s time to get that idea out of my head, so I’m going to start keeping all of my receipts and tracking every bit of money that comes into and goes out of my life. (I’m kind of terrified…)


I want to actually be involved at University this year instead of spending all of my time either studying or sitting at home. Talk about anti-social! My anxiety hasn’t helped in that regard, but having a plan is the best way to push through the anxiety so that’s what I gotta do. Even if it means planning out every hour of my day between blogging, school work, down time and extra curricular/social time.

Eat Healthy

Dylan and I are the worst for just buying a pizza when we’re stuck for ideas on what to make dinner and oh boy have I been feeling it! I want to go beyond just eating more fruit and veg (though that’s definitely on the to-do list) and start to a) cook at home and b) cut out some of the junk. I love junk food and I will admit that I’m an emotional eater so I reaaaally gotta watch that.


For the longest time I identified myself as a designer but it’s been so long that I’ve actually designed anything now that I don’t really feel like that anymore. So I want to getting back into the design world through reading (blogs, books) and actually creating – even if it’s just through colouring.


This apartment is slowly starting to feel like a home, but it’s got a way to go yet. We don’t have any sort of budget for home decor but we’ve been finding some amazing things on the curb lately (I love all the students moving in/out right now!!) and I really want to get some of our decorations up. Specifically some photos and prints we have. I also have a duvet cover that I’ve been working on for a year that I haven’t actually finished…and some other wall decor/DIY projects in my mind that haven’t been completed.


9 thoughts on “Back to School Resolutions

  1. Ohhh boy– Budgeting! Trust me you’re not the only one. I feel so nervous to check my bank account balance during the school year, and it’s so easy to tell yourself that you’re doing it for the blog haha!
    Good luck for your first week back too 🙂

  2. I use expense iq to keep track of my budget.. It’s scary to realize how much I spent on food and coffee but it keeps me in check for sure! I seem to spend as much as I make lol!

  3. Good luck with back to school!
    Eating healthy is hard, especially if you don’t have much time to grocery shop around school, extra-curriculars and everything else you want to do. I wish you all the best in your goals!!

  4. Ugh, going back to university. Ugh, youths. (I’m planning on going back to uni next year for a new degree and I’m just like, “Am I cut out to deal with annoying youths these days? The chatty people in class? The chatty people in the library? Etcetc. But gotta commend you for putting in the effort! I’m definitely going to try and put in more effort in networking and extra-curriculars this time around, hopefully)

    Since I left my job a month and a half ago, my budget has been all over the place too. I’ve never been the best at budgeting, and HERE I AM LOOKING FOR A JOB AGAIN BECAUSE I LIKE MATERIAL POSSESSIONS TOO MUCH. But hooray for find gems on the curb–one man’s trash is another’s treasure! UPCYCLE AND RE-PURPOSE THAT SHIZZZ

    • Some of the youths are SO ANNOYING. But then some of them are really awesome, so they make up for it. 😛

      Cutting out shopping has been haaaaaaard. I wish you luck finding a new job, cus I feel you on the material possessions thing.

      The best thing about Halifax in late summer is that there is a lot of shuffling around in the housing department, so a lot of awesome stuff gets chucked to the curb. Love itttttt.

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