Finish Five by Fall: Results

Finish Five by Fall 2015

I am so relieved this Finish 5 by Fall project is over. I got so tired of using the same products over and over again – honestly, I probably could have used up more but I just stopped really caring in the last month. Which is why next time around I’m going to be a bit more strategic in my products. (Stay tuned for that next week.) But that being said, I think I did a pretty good job finishing up products this time around!

finish 5 by fall results

All that remains…

Bobbi Brown Concealer Duo: FINISHED. I did a happy dance when I finally finished the powder side of this! It took forever to use up! I won’t be repurchasing because it’s sooooo expensive and I’ve got the Lise Watier concealer palette now.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Eyeliner in Black: Trashed. I just couldn’t get it to work for me. It smudged and transferred everywhere and one day I just got frustrated and threw it out. Good riddance!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Eyeliner in Nude: Still kicking. I made a decent dent in this pencil, but it’s not done yet! It doesn’t stay in my waterline all day, but I’m going to keep it around for a while anyway.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze: Still kicking. I honestly didn’t make much of a dent since my last update halfway through summer. There’s still about half of the pot left – there is so much product in one of these! I’m a little disenchanted with the Color Tattoos right now, if I’m honest – they just won’t stay put on my eyelids anymore! I’m seriously considering destashing a bunch of them…

NARS Light Optimizing Primer: FINISHED. I am so glad to get this out of my stash – it didn’t do much in the way of priming, if I’m honest, it just felt like an extra dose of moisture. Which is alright I suppose, but my oily skin doesn’t really need that.

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional: FINISHED. I’m really sad to see this go. If I ever use up the rest of my primers in my stash I might actually repurchase this.

Smashbox Photo Finish More than Primer – Blemish Prone Skin: Still kicking. Turns out three primers is a lot to finish in one season! I’m still going to keep working on this, though I really am not a fan.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation: FINISHED. I miss this foundation in my life so badly, but I can’t justify spending the money when I have four other liquid foundations to use.

Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart: Still kicking. I haven’t used much of this – if any – since my last update, but this is probably the closest I’ve ever come to using up a lipstick-like object. That being said I don’t know if I’ll ever finish – I’m just not feeling shiny red lips most of the time. I’ll keep it around for the winter, just in case, but if it’s still not used up by March it’s a goner.

Final Verdict: finished 4 out of 9, trashed 1 – that’s pretty good considering I didn’t wear makeup for most of the summer! Let me know in the comments if you did any Project Pans/Finish 5 projects this summer and how it went!



17 thoughts on “Finish Five by Fall: Results

    • I think I’ve discovered I need to focus on things that I don’t change up as much – like primers and skincare – rather than eyeshadow and lipsticks otherwise I just get frustrated cus I want to use my other goodies but feel guilty for not working harder to finish up the ones I’ve selected.

  1. hey man you did amazingly with these lol even if you had to keep using the same things over and over. i find that easy for base things but not with color. i want to use different colors everyday!!! use the same eyeshadow for a month??…not sure i could do that. i have so many of those color tattoos…

    • It took me a while, but I did it! I’ll definitely say ended up being worth the money for how long it took me to use it up 😉 Using up mini’s is a great idea, I’d be tempted if I had a few more makeup samples and not just skincare.

  2. Congrats on making it through! I think you did pretty good as it’s really hard, especially for a blogger, to dedicate yourself to such a small number of products at a time!

  3. You did great! I totally underestimated the using up of primer as well, even though I was using little sample sizes it’s still taking me forever to get through them all!

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