Adopting a Pet: Korra’s Adoption Story

Warning: this post contains gushing about my cat.

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’ll know that I’m pretty obsessed with Korra, my four year old tabby. My husband and I adopted her only a few months after we moved to Halifax after humming and hawing for weeks. We knew that it was going to cost us more money than we wanted, but we had been desperate to adopt a cat since we moved in together. It was inevitable, really.

Adopting a Pet: Korra's Adoption Story

Adopting a Pet: Korra’s Adoption Story

Choosing to adopt was really the only road we ever went down. Nothing against the adorable pet store cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc etc etc. but the thought of a cat sitting in a cage for months waiting for someone to fall in love with it so it can have a home just breaks my heart.

We lasted maybe ten minutes in the room with the cats in it before Dylan found Korra. There was something about her that spoke to him and I couldn’t say no either. The staff were surprised at how fast we asked to adopt her, actually. I mean, there were two rooms of cats and we didn’t even make it into the second. It was love at first sight. She was shy, but excited to be pet, though she didn’t want to be picked up. I was a little put off at that, but as soon as I looked into her sweet eyes I knew that she was coming home with us.

The process was fast – we filled out some paperwork, paid our adoption fee (which, at the Nova Scotia SPCA, includes a vet checkup, vaccinations and a microchip) and just like that she was all ours. She was not happy about going into her carrier or about the car ride home, but she settled into our apartment pretty quickly. Within a couple of hours of getting her home she was already eager to be pet and even rubbed up against our feet. Korra is a cat with so much love to give – and I will gladly let her give it!

Adopting a Pet: Korra's Adoption Story

She had warmed up further since we adopted her so that she will even lay on us occasionally – though it has to be on her terms. Everything with her is on her own terms. She’s a lot like me that way. She brings us one of her favourite toys every night when we go to bed, she is insistent about when she gets her wet food (5:00 on the dot, no later!) and she is the pickiest treat eater I have ever come across. She only seems to really like Whiskas Tempations, anything else she just turns her nose up at. It’s incredibly how much personality she has – I don’t see her as a pet but as a family member, and honestly she is one of the best things to ever happen to Dylan and I.

Tell me about your pet in the comments – pictures of cute things are also acceptable! 😉


24 thoughts on “Adopting a Pet: Korra’s Adoption Story

  1. Ahhhh <333

    I don't have a pet of my own right now, but I absolutely loved this story. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Are you two still thinking about getting a second kitty? I know you've mentioned it before, and I'm kind of always cat-nosey. (As in, I want to know how many cats everyone has at any given moment and IF I CAN PET THEM.) :p

    • We want another one SO BADLY but just don’t think our apartment is big enough. So for now it’s gonna be just Korra, but I’m alright with that too because she is the sweetest. (Right now she’s sleeping in the sun next to me, cuddled against my arm. <3)

  2. Great post! I know you were apprehensive about getting a kitty but I am so glad you did. I just wish you were closer so I could meet her! That first picture of her little paws is so sweet!

  3. There is something about owning a pet together that just feels right, and solidifies you more as family. I know our house would not be the same without our fur crew. I thought Dylan had said that Korra was a kitty no one seemed intrerested in, or something along those lines. Korra sounds a wee bit like our Petunia. Everything on her terms, and supper is at 5.

    • Yeah she had been in a shelter in a more rural area for long enough that they transferred her to the one by Halifax where we got her. Poor sweet girl. I think it was because she doesn’t like being picked up. It kills me that she was alone for so long because she has so much love to give!

  4. Awwwww!!! I love Korra’s story and I would read any and everything you post about Korra! I feel so sad about pets in pet stores too…I can’t do it…

  5. Roxy and I own a dog (Roger) but recently adopted a cat (Waffles) and I totally know what you mean. It is love at first sight and they are family to the very end. Korra looks so sweet!

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