Going Purple with Splat Hair Dye

Going Purple with Splat Hair Dye

Going Purple with Splat Hair Dye

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Late Saturday night I finally took the plunge.

I’ve had a box of Lusty Lavender Splat Hair Dye sitting in my apartment for probably around a month now, mocking me for being too chicken to use it. First, my excuse was I need a hair cut, there’s no point. And then it became What if I have a reaction? I should test it first and I don’t have time. But finally I seized the box, put on some grungy clothes and went purple.

I did test my hair first, using a small piece of hair on the back of my head that turned out to be impossible to see afterwards. So…I did it anyway. I put on the enormous gloves provided (my hands were absolutely swimming in them) and started to apply the startling purple dye to my hair.

Going Purple with Splat Hair Dye

Going Purple with Splat Hair Dye

I was so paranoid about staining my scalp that I ended up missing a bunch of my roots on the front of my head, so I ended up dyeing those after, but all things considered it went fairly well. The gloves were unwieldy, making it difficult to tell where I was getting dye and where I wasn’t and it did end up staining my scalp (see photo above), but I was able to get most of the stains around my hairline off with makeup remover. The rest will just have to disappear naturally.

The kit does come with bleach, but I was not anywhere near brave enough to actually bleach my hair first, so I just discarded that. I really love the dark purple that came out just by putting it over my natural hair anyway! It turned out to be the exact colour I wanted.

The only downside I’ve noticed so far? The colour bleeds like crazy. I’m assuming this is due to the formula’s semi-permanent nature, but it took three shampoos on Saturday night to get the water in my shower to run (mostly) clear. Even then I still stained my face, hands, shirt and pillowcase while sleeping. The water still runs slightly fuchsia after four shampoos now, so I’m quite concerned about what’s going to happen to my hair when it rains…

All in all? I love my new purple hair. Though now I have to figure out how I like to wear my makeup all over again. Darn. 😉

UPDATE: The purple dye lasted a surprisingly long time in my hair! (Though to be fair, my hair holds colour very well.) I had a purple tint up to three months after the initial dye, though the vibrancy definitely faded quickly.


13 thoughts on “Going Purple with Splat Hair Dye

  1. My only advice is to not wear white for a long time. And shampoo only a couple times a week if you want to maintain the colour for any period of time.

  2. Eeee it turned out so well!!! I’m too chicken too LOL! My package has been sitting in my room and it’s almost time to actually go for it. I think i’ll skip the bleach too…incase I do something stupid and bleach my hand or my ear. I’ll keep in my mind about the bleeding part…do not want my harry potter pillow case to turn red!

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