Review: David’s Tea Winter Collection 2015

David's Tea Winter Collection

David’s Tea Winter Collection

When we recently went into David’s Tea to see if Santa’s Secret was in stock (it wasn’t then, but is now!), my husband and I fell in love with the Winter Collection. There was something in the collection for both of us, so we decided to pick it up and give it a go. Even if the tea cupboard is already full to the bursting.

The David’s Tea Winter Collection has five recently released teas inside: Sweet Almond GreenHot ChocolateCardamom French ToastMulled Wine and Snow Day. It’s a nice mix of different kinds of tea with one each of a black, pu’erh, green, oolong and herbal tea.

David's Tea Winter Collection

David’s Tea Winter Collection

The box is beautifully designed with a sweet winterscape that fits right in with the adorable penguin Nordic mug and the color changing mug, both of which are on my wishlists. (Not that I need any more mugs…I’m starting to see a theme here…) It also comes with 20 filters, which is standard for these collection boxes and also so handy. Dylan and I were starting to run low, so I’m glad to have a few more to tide us over a little longer.

David's Tea Cardamom French Toast

David’s Tea Cardamom French Toast Black Tea

The first tea I tried in the David’s Tea Winter Collection was Cardamom French Toast. It was the tea of the day at the time so I of course tried a sample and I was immediately hooked. Black tea is my favourite, so already that was a win, but the spiceyness of the tea just makes it even more perfect for winter. It reminded me immediately of a chai, but with something a bit extra, which I think is the Cardamom. I can’t wait to try this one as a latte!

David's Tea Snow Day

David’s Tea Snow Day Herbal Tea

One of the teas that my husband was the most excited about was Snow Day. It’s a herbal tea (perfect for chilly winter nights) that is chock full of peppermint. I knew we would both like this one from first sniff – it smells like mint chocolate chips, which is one of Dylan’s favourite flavours ever. There are actual chocolate pieces in this tea – white snowflakes and milk chocolate chips – that melt when you pour hot water over it, giving the minty sweetness that is so irresistible.

David's Tea Sweet Almond Green

David’s Tea Sweet Almond Green Tea

Sweet Almond Green is my least favourite of the bunch, but it’s one of Dylan’s favourites. It’s by far the prettiest to look at with the cornflowers and merrigolds interspersed throughout the rest of the tea leaves, but it’s just a little bit to sweet for my liking. Actually, it smells exactly like marzipan, which could have something to with my aversion.

David's Tea Mulled Wine

David’s Tea Mulled Wine Oolong Tea

Mulled Wine had me a bit confused when I smelled it – it smells exactly like gum balls. I don’t know what ingredients are combining to make that smell, but there is a slight after taste of gum balls as well. It’s strange, but still delicious! This oolong does taste and smell like mulled wine and it’s a much faster way to get that delicious taste than actually making mulled wine. 😉

David's Tea Hot Chocolate

David’s Tea Hot Chocolate Pu’erh Tea

I’ve saved my favourite of the whole Winter Collection for last. Hot Chocolate is actually my absolute favourite tea right now, even beating out Santa’s Secret which I’ve been looking forward to for months. The tea tastes exactly like hot chocolate. I don’t know how David’s Tea did it, but they did and it is perfect. I’m just curious now how it tastes with a splash of Bailey’s…

What’s your favourite winter tea?



29 thoughts on “Review: David’s Tea Winter Collection 2015

    • Hot chocolate is AMAZING. It’s not quite as full bodied as regular hot chocolate because it’s just steeped in water, but that just means it would be perfect for a latte. 😉 Snow Day is so perfect at warming you up because of the mint in it, it’s super nice.

  1. so many blog posts this week! your tea photos were GORGEOUS and the teas all sound lovely, you made me want a cup of hot chocolate right now although sadly i left it at work. that and cardamon french toast are definitely my favourites, i might grab a little snow day to try next time i’m in a store since you make it sound so good too!

    • Yeah, I’m trying to get back up to at least three a week. 🙂 Thank you!! I’m so happy with how they turned out – and a whole lot of brightening in Photoshop helped too 😉 I think those two are my favourites too, though I do like Mulled Wine a lot as well.

  2. I love black tea and especially if it has a bit of spice added. These sound wonderful. Although I’m a coffee drinker first thing in the morning, there’s nothing like tea in the afternoon!

    • I still have some teas from the advent calendar last year, haha. That was the main reason I skipped this years! I definitely get the smell thing – sometimes they smell sooooo good and just don’t quite live up to the expectations!

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