Review | ecotools Quick Volume Styler Hair Brush

ecotools Quick Volume Styler Hair Brush

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Hair brushes aren’t typically that exciting of a product to write about, though this ecotools hair brush isn’t the first one I have tried and loved enough to dedicate an entire post about. Before this I have only tried a very small handful of ecotools products, though I have head that their makeup brushes are great quality, especially for their price point. The Quick Volume Styler Hair Brush is a very reasonable $10.99 and is good quality.

The bamboo handle is a very nice touch and helps the otherwise plastic brush feel a little more luxurious. It’s light and well balanced, so there’s no issues of arms getting sore from using it which I always appreciate! And it really does what it says – it gives my hair some lift when it so desperately needs it, and it helps my hair dry so fast thanks to the vents in the core of the brush.

My one and only qualm about this product is that ecotools totes it as vegan and ecofriendly. I mean, I suppose it’s true that it’s vegan – it’s mostly all plastic, but I wouldn’t call it ecofriendly for that exact reason. If it were truly ecofriendly it would be made out of a renewal substance, though I do need to give them credit for the handle being wood.

In the end I can’t be too grumpy about the “eco” label because it is a lower priced brush. This ecotools hair brush does what it needs to do – give me some great volume in a short amount of time – for a budget friendly price, which is certainly welcome in my house.



4 thoughts on “Review | ecotools Quick Volume Styler Hair Brush

  1. Interesting! I’ve only tried their makeup brushes but didn’t know they went into hair brushes! I use my mom’s round brush to blowdry my hair, makes my hair so sleek until I wake up the next morning with bed head. 😦

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