Guest Post: Teavana Joy Review with Eithne

Hey everyone! I’m studying for final exams and finishing up school projects for the next week, but I’ve got some lovely bloggers from the CBB to keep the content rolling while I’m away. I hope you enjoy this tea review from Eithne of a tea brand I’m really not all that familiar with. – Jodi

Teavana Joy 2015 Tea Brewed

Eithne from Tea & Nail Polish here.  Jodi is letting us take over her blog this month, so I thought I would talk about something we both love – tea!

As a tea drinker, Starbucks used to be my go to place for a cuppa if we were out.  I can drink Tim Hortons steeped tea if it is all that is available, but Starbucks always had Tazo teas so I could get a real cup of tea.  As the holidays approached, that also meant Tazo Joy tea would be available and it became a Christmas season staple for me.

As Teavana took over from Teaopia and I lost my favourite tea shop, then Starbucks changed from Tazo to Teavana teas, I found myself there less.  I mourned the loss of my nice strong Tazo Awake tea and made do with other teas, because an English Breakfast just doesn’t cut it. Then Christmas hit, and no Joy tea. Last year, I was able to find a couple of boxes at Target, but even that is not possible this year, so I gave in and tried Teavana Joy.

Teavana Joy 2015 Tea Brewed

Tazo Joy and Teavana Joy teas are not complete copycats, Tazo is a mixture of black tea, oolong, jasmine green tea and peach while Teavana has the same base but hints of apricot.  I surprised myself by preferring the apricot to peach, it is not quite as sweet which I prefer in a tea, but somehow not as festive in the base notes either.  Maybe that is nostalgia after a few years of Tazo Joy drinking, but it just seems to lack something in comparison which I am sure tasted a little spicier.

The sweetness of the fruit is more noticeable as the tea cools, so you might want to wait before adding a sweetener to find the right balance and the mix of oolong and green tea which is obvious in the loose blend helps reduce the bitterness of the black tea.  If you are new to tea, you will probably enjoy it as it lacks that bitter aftertaste that puts people off teas.  A decent tea, but not quite the standard of Tazo Joy sadly.


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