Reliving Childhood Memories with Demeter Fragrance Library

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Way back in October the Canadian Beauty Bloggers collaborated with Demeter Fragrance Library and their Scent Inspired Memories. Unfortunately my package got lost in the mail so I didn’t get to participate in the actual campaign. Demeter was so delightful to remix my scents and send me a brand new package. I was practically dancing with excitement when my package landed on my doorstep!

Demeter Fragrance Library #CBBScentMemory

I had completely forgotten what scent memory I had in mind when I was initially in contact with them, so it was a bit like Christmas morning when I opened up the package. Would I smell like cookies? Rain? Outdoors? Apparently I picked thunderstorms, which is utterly perfect.

Demeter Fragrance Library #CBBScentMemory

Demeter Fragrance Libraries also sent a trio of scents inspired by Demeter CEO Mark Crames’ scent memories. Mountain Air was inspired by a trip to Alaska, Rice Paddy a trip to Taiwan and Vanilla Cake Batter inspired of baking with his Grandma. These three layer beautifully together, though my particular favourites are Vanilla Cake Batter and Rice Paddy. The freshness of Mountain Air is perfect as a room spray, but is a little too musky for me to use a scent on myself. Vanilla Cake Batter however, smells like straight up vanilla, which is one of my favourite scents of all time. Rice Paddy really surprised me, I had no idea what to expect, but it is fresh and nutty. Pretty much my ideal scent, actually.

Demeter Fragrance Library #CBBScentMemory

Now for my memory…prairie thunderstorms are one of my absolute favourite things. The smell of the rain, the sound of the rain against the windows, the beautiful light storm…they are the non-human part of Alberta that I miss the most. It made getting this trio of scents even more special.

I remember one particular thunderstorm from when I was a kid very clearly. My parents and I were camping and I had asked one of my cousins to come along. I don’t remember where we were, but I remember that after we went to bed, my cousin and I stared out the windows of our beds to watch the lightning and listen to the rain. We weren’t exactly quiet…we gasped at the beauty of the light show and oooohed over the thunder until my dad came and got us. He brought us outside where we sat under the awning of the trailer and just watched the storm. These scents, while not exactly what I remember or expect from a thunder storm, do remind me of my dad and that moment.

Demeter Fragrance Library #CBBScentMemory

My trio of scents from Demeter Fragrance Library contains New Leaf, Thunderstorm and Sandalwood. Sandalwood is exactly what you’d expect – slightly spicy and woody. Thunderstorm is fresh, organic and dark – essentially a perfect storm scent. And finally New Leaf smells piney and leafy with almost a hint of mango. Separately these three are all gorgeous, but I especially like to layer Thunderstorm and New Leaf for that fresh, just after a rain smell.

I had a lot of fun mixing and matching scents with these six bottles. Some scents I created (Thunderstorm + Mountain Air) smelled super manly, while others (New Leaf + Rice Paddy) were refreshing and bright. My absolute favourite though, and one I can’t stop wearing, is a mixture of Vanilla Cake Batter and Sandalwood – sometimes with a bit of New Leaf. It is absolute perfection – spicy and sweet in all the right ways. I think I know what my new favourite scent is – especially for winter!

Have you tried any scents from the Demeter Fragrance Library? With over 250 individual scents there are endless mix and match opportunities!


17 thoughts on “Reliving Childhood Memories with Demeter Fragrance Library

  1. That is the coolest concept ever! I would love to have a personalized scent library. I have tried Demeter and received some in ipsy bags. Gotta go see what’s new!

  2. vanilla and sandalwood sounds lovely! I also love that new leaf and thunderstorm combination that sounds great, i haven’t tried either of those scents but i’m very intrigued! so happy your package made its way to you, and thanks so much for joining in 🙂

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