David’s Tea Holiday Collection 2015

Without meaning to, I have collected all three teas from David’s Tea Holiday Collection. I collected them separately but now I regret not waiting until the holiday tins were released. They’re just so beautiful!! But at least I got the teas because they are delish.

David's Tea Holiday Collection 2015

Santa’s Secret Black Tea

David's Tea Holiday Collection 2015

Santa’s Secret is my favourite of the three holiday teas this year. A black tea with peppermint, vanilla and candy can sprinkles, it’s smooth and soothing while still having a touch of caffeine that we all need during the holiday season. I’ve been drinking it just about constantly and it was a saviour during finals when I was stressed and in need of both caffeine and the soothing effect.

Gingerbread Cookie Maté

David's Tea Holiday Collection 2015 - Gingerbread Cookie | uptherollercoaster.com

Gingerbread Cookie is (I think) a new tea for this year’s David’s Tea Holiday Collection and it’s quickly become one of my favourites. A blend of rooibos and maté meaning that it not only tastes exactly like gingerbread thanks to the cinnamon and ginger, but it packs quite the caffeine punch. What’s better than that?

Sleigh Ride Fruit Infusion

David's Tea Holiday Collection 2015 - Sleigh Ride | uptherollercoaster.com

Sleigh Ride was given to me during the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Secret Santa last year after I raved about it during my David’s Tea Advent Calendar reviews last year. It’s a fruit infusion tea with cinnamon, apples, raisons and almonds that’s warming, caffeine free and well, tastes like Christmas.

David's Tea Holiday Collection 2015 | uptherollercoaster.com

Have you tried any of the David’s Tea Holiday Collection?


12 thoughts on “David’s Tea Holiday Collection 2015

  1. I love the holiday teas! I really should pick up more Secret Santa, but gingerbread cookie is amazing. The tins are quite stunning… I may end up with secret santa that way if it goes on sale …

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