It’s a LUSH Christmas | Haul & Review

LUSH Christmas 2015 |

I recently went on a tiny purchasing spree at the mall – I couldn’t leave the LUSH Christmas collection completely untouched – and while I think I was perfectly reasonable, Dylan was giving me the side eye as I was checking out. I mean, I was going to pick up Yog Nog and Reindeer Rocks soaps but I held off. That’s something right?

Butterbear Bath Bomb

LUSH Butterbear Bath Bomb |

Butterbear bath bomb is one of my all time favourite bath things. During the rest of the year I love picking up Butterball, which is the exact same only, well, a ball, but I can’t help but picking up at least one Butterbear once the LUSH Christmas collection hits the shelves. It smells like vanilla, leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and it’s adorable. That’s all of my requirements, honestly.

Molded into a friendly bear, this bath bomb has a generous helping of cocoa butter to give you the softest bear hug imaginable. It’s great for nourishing and protecting skin, no matter how long you stay in the tub, and has the same vanilla fragrance as our Butterball Bath Bomb. The comforting aroma will even linger softly on the skin long after the bath.

Yog Nog Bath Bomb

LUSH Yog Nog Bath Bomb |

Yog Nog bath bomb is an entirely new experience for me but one that I am so excited about! Yog Nog soap is one of the most popular products during the holiday season and with the delicious toffee scent, I couldn’t leave without trying it.

Sweeter than dipping into the cookie jar, this luxurious bomb is sure to warm you up cold, frosty evenings. Spicy clove bud oil stimulates the senses while soy milk powder and organic shea butter create creamy, comforting waters. Luxuriate in comforting toffee soaks with clouds of gold and a touch of luster.

Yog Nog turns your bathwater chartreuse after fizzing away for a good few minutes. The fizzing feels delightful on the skin if you’re in the bath while the bomb is still doing it’s thing. Yog Nog leaves the water feeling silky and smooth, and honestly…I think I might have a new favourite bath bomb.

Stardust Bath Bomb

LUSH Stardust Bath Bomb |

Stardust was another bath bomb that I hadn’t had a chance to even smell before this visit to LUSH, but after seeing Zoe’s review I knew I needed to try it. The star shaped bath bomb is powdery to the touch, but when you put it into the bath it immediately starts to fizz, turning the water soft and milky. There’s a little secret blue layer inside with some surprise star glitters that add a little extra something something to the tub.

Follow this star all the way to the bathroom; it will bear exotic gifts of fair trade Ugandan vanilla from the Mountains of the Moon and precious, intoxicating rosewood. A twinkly dip in its starlit waters gives a bergamot-powered boost to the mind and body – ideal for a little post-party recovery.

Stardust certainly leads to a soothing bath, though I did have a little bit of glitter hang around the tub after the water drained. A slight scent of vanilla lingered on my skin after and while my skin didn’t exactly feel dried out, I did need some lotion after the bath.

Have you tried anything from the LUSH Christmas lineup? What’s your favourite?


20 thoughts on “It’s a LUSH Christmas | Haul & Review

  1. The Yog Nog sounds divine. I had planned to get back to Lush before Christmas but I sorta ran out of time. Can’t face the mall crowds at the last minute. I need some Santa’s Lip Scrub so I’ll try right after the holiday and hope there’s still some things left!

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