For All the Cat Toys in the World…

Entertaining Korra is not easy. She spends most of her days sleeping in our bed, but even if we try to give her new cat toys (be it a cat nip mouse or laser pointer) she is rarely interested. Even a laser pointer only gets her excited occasionally. I hope we just haven’t found the right toy yet, but maybe she’s more like Dylan and I than I thought and just likes to sleep a lot.For All the Cat Toys in the World.... | Up the Rollercoasters

You’d think we’d have learned by now that cat toys just don’t interest her. We have a shelf full of crinkle balls and toy mice, but her favourite things to chase are ping pong balls. And occasionally the laser pointer. If she’s in the right mood. 😉

It’d be so much easier if cat nip got her excited, but according to our vet some cats don’t have the gene to notice catnip at all. So there goes that idea. Have you ever noticed just how many cat toys in the pet store are filled with cat nip? About 90% I’d say. But I ‘spose when your cat prefers to chase acorns and ping pong balls it doesn’t really matter if you buy all of the cat toys in the world.

Even though we know that very little gets Korra excited, we still bought her toys for Christmas. We just couldn’t help it. I mean…children get spoiled at Christmas, so of course we wanted to spoil our fur baby! We bought her some of her favourite wet food for Christmas dinner (BFF Tuna and Duck, for the record) and a couple of toys for her stocking. Last year when we did this we struck out, but somehow we managed to pick up toys that she actually likes! Maybe it’s just because they’re new, but she sure likes to chase her new plastic springs into the bedroom at 3 am and gnaw on her chew toy between naps. I’ll take it, even if it means an unpleasant awakening in the middle of the night.

I feel like this whole fickle about toys is a cat thing. Dogs are excited about just about any toy, but any cat I have had are so snobby creatures. My cat back in Alberta, Shadow, likes shoelaces and one ball that has a bell in it. But only that ball. Any other ball with a bell isn’t good enough. Fickle. So fickle. Though now that he’s an old man he mostly just sleeps anyway. Can I have the life of a cat?


What is your pets favourite toy?


8 thoughts on “For All the Cat Toys in the World…

  1. There’s this one cheap ratty ball that my cat Baxter loves. All other balls he’ll play with for like 2 seconds and be bored but he goes crazy for this one! The problem is he always “loses” it…or hides it and then it’s gone for months and suddenly it just “reappears”! Who knows where he’s storing it!

  2. I don’t have a pet but for a while my Mom keep two cats in the house for my siblings (one moved out while the other died of old age/health) and they LOVE string esp wrapping or Christmas strings, bells, feather on string stick!! As long as she is not tearing up stuff..I wouldn’t worry to much!


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