BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set – Review & Swatches

I seriously considered whether or not writing about the BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set seems as it was limited edition but as of writing this (Boxing Day) it’s still available online. I’m also so enamoured with the formula of the BITE Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayons that I’ve gotta share the love.

BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set

The BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set comes with four deluxe size twist up lip crayons. These crayons are creamy, smooth and pigmented without being drying. They’re super comfortable to wear and because of the sharp point on the crayon you can get a very precise line on your lips. Similar to last years Christmas set, the BITE Rewind Lip Set comes in a small metal tin with mirrored inside with a cardboard sleeve wrapped snuggly around the outside of the tin. These tins are great for storing odds and ends like bobby pins, buttons, or for toting around your favourite lip products in your bag.

BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set

BITE Beauty Cafe

BITE Beauty Rewind Set - Cafe

BITE Beauty Cafe is a peachy-brown nude shade with warm undertones. It’s semi-matte upon first application, but dries down to a comfortable matte after a few minutes. It’s the driest feeling of the four shades in the BITE Beauty Rewind set. It’s an opaque finish but because it is light-medium in tone it may not be as flattering on as many skintones as the other shades. It’s my least favourite of the bunch, though I can see myself wearing it more in the summer.

BITE Beauty Torte

BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set: Torte

Torte is a very pretty rosy pink shade that is just a little bit pinker than my natural lip colour. It’s the easiest of all three for me to wear and doesn’t sink into any lip lines. It’s slighty more satin in finish than Cafe and so it’s even more comfortable to wear. This is the perfect every day shade for me, especially as it dries down matte and can be worn for 4-5 hours without touchup.

BITE Beauty Coulis

BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set: Coulis

BITE Beauty Coulis is a satiny raspberry with neutral undertones. This is a red that really brightens up my complexion, so I can see myself reaching for it often. Like the other two, it’s very comfortable to wear. I wore this on Christmas Day and noticed it left a bit of a stain behind after it wears away around the 5 hour mark, making it just about the perfect red lipstick. 😉

BITE Beauty Aubergine

BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set: Aubergine

Aubergine is the shade in the BITE Beauty Rewind set that I was the most excited about. I’m still obsessed with purple lipstick but I don’t have anything that’s as warm as Aubergine in my collection. It’s the perfect eggplant purple, sitting somewhere between a berry and a plum in colour and is the truest matte of the whole set. It’s slightly hydrating and because it’s matte you don’t need to worry about it sliding around your face – ideal for such a bold shade. Aubergine is the only one in the BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set that is part of BITE’s permanent lineup and I am so glad it is. I can see myself reaching for it a lot!

BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set

The four lip crayons in the BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set are creamy and pigmented and I’m very happy to have them in my collection. Have you tried any of BITE Beauty’s Matte Creme Lip Crayons? What’s your favourite?



17 thoughts on “BITE Beauty Rewind Lip Set – Review & Swatches

  1. I was actually in Sephora today and I saw one lone set of this left over. Otherwise the entire display was pillaged haha. For the quality and choice of colours, this seems like an amazing set. I sort of regret not picking this up, but I ended up getting a nude stix kit instead.

  2. I saw this too at Sephora but didn’t pick it since I already chose a Makeup Forever matte lipstick as my Christmas gift. from my daughter. I’ve put this on my list.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try out BITE Beauty’s lip crayons for some time now. I really like the shade ‘Cafe’, but that’s just because I gravitate toward lighter lip shades. 🙂 I think it looks great on you, but you’re right – it’s probably more of a Summer shade. Aubergine is super gorgeous too, and looks great on you! Perfect for Fall/Winter 🙂

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