Best of Beauty 2015

Best of Beauty 2015

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

2015 if about to come to a close and as most beauty bloggers like to do, I’m pulling out my best of beauty picks for the year. These products aren’t all new to the shelves this year, but they’re all new to me and they’re products that I have reached for again and again, regardless of the season.

Best of Beauty 2015


I’ve really fallen in love with two brushes this year, the first is the Ecotools Blending Brush, an inexpensive, travel-size eye blending brush that is the perfect density for me. It’s soft and easy to clean, but unfortunately the ferrule is detaching from the handle so some glue is needed. My second most used brush of 2015 would the the Real Techniques Powder Brush. It’s the not only perfect for all over powder usage, but I love using it for bronzer. Because it’s so big it blends bronzer out really perfectly without over-diffusing it.


I haven’t found a face primer that I really like, but this year I fell in love with the Milani Eye Primer. It has a tendency to separate, so a little bit of squeezing in the tube is always necessary before I use it. It’s nude in colour so it tints the eyelid just a little bit which is super for cancelling out the blue and purple around my eyes. And it’s actual priming abilities are top notch – it’s slightly tacky until it sets so it really grabs onto eyeshadow, which is needed for my oily eyelids.

Best of Beauty 2015


I’ve been all about drugstore foundations in the last six months and have tried quite a few. My favourite by far has been the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation. The shade I have (110 Porcelain) matches my skin perfectly in the winter, which I have really struggled with in the past! Plus it keeps my oily spots at bay so I don’t even have to powder (whaaaaaaat) and it makes my giant pores look smaller. There is truly nothing bad I can say about this foundation!


I’ve been raving about the Annabelle Biggy Bronzer in Matte Gold since I received it back in the Spring. I haven’t stopped using it, though there isn’t even a dent in the powder. I think this is a product that’s going to last forever! Though the lid has broken on me, but because it still pops on it’s fine, right? Good thing I don’t travel much. 😉

Brow Products

I can’t believe how much I’ve used the Annabelle Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlighter. It’s practically a stub! It just makes doing your brows so darn easy that it’s been my go to just about every day. And that highlighter is heavenly – I use it all over my face. It’s the perfect champagne highlight for my skin and it’s so creamy that it just blends right into my foundation.

When I’m having a rough time with my brows or they need a bit more help than Annabelle’s Brow Show can give me, I pull out my trusty Dior Diorshow Universal Brow Pencil. Liz held a giveaway which I won and this was one of the prizes! It’s the perfect mid-toned ashy brown that isn’t too ashy, and it’s the perfect hardness for a brow pencil too. I wonder how many times I can say perfect in this post?

Best of Beauty 2015: Urban Decay Naked Basics 2


I finally caved and purchased the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 off of a blog sale during the fall and it’s quickly become my every day eyeshadow palette. Most of the dent’s in the shadows were from the palette’s previous owner though I think I love Skimp just as much as she did! The Naked Basics 2 can do anything from a simple one shade eye look to a matte smokey eye, so it’s really a wonder I bought any other eyeshadows at all this year. (I did, though.)

Best of Beauty 2015: Milani Coral Cove


Milani’s Coral Cove blush was all I wore during the summer, and honestly quite a way into the fall as well. It’s such a stunning shade that doesn’t accent my acne scars/hyper pigmentation, yet makes my face look bright and awake. Plus that floral design is just so gorgeous.

Best of Beauty 2015

Lip Products

This wouldn’t be a Best of Beauty post without me mentioning Clinique’s Lip Pop + Primer line. I raved about Grape Pop and Poppy Pop so much that even I got tired of hearing about them. I just love everything about the line – from the packaging, to the buttery texture and the shade range. They’re everything I want in a summer lipstick!

But once the weather started to get chilly, all I wanted was matte lips. So Maybelline came to the rescue with their Matte Sensational lipsticks. These lipsticks are creamy matte lipsticks that manage to be comfortable and hydrating too. I have three shades (Lust for Blush, Nude Nuance, Siren in Scarlet) but I kind of want them all…

Mascara & Eyeliner

I’ve been trying out more mascaras than usual this year to try and find that one that I love and so far, the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara has hit all the boxes – at least once it’s dried out a little bit. 😉 It’s volumizing, lengthening and separating – aka perfection.

I haven’t worn much in the way of eyeliner this year, but when I do it’s one of the Pixi Silky Eye Pen’s that I picked up before Target left Canada. They are incredibly smooth so they don’t tug at the eyelids (which is the worst) and they smudge out like a dream. My only qualm is that they can transfer into my crease if I blink before they’ve set (the problem with hooded eyes). I only have two shades, deep plum and black cocoa, but I so wish I could pick up more!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading through my best of beauty picks for 2015. What were your favourite products of the year?



19 thoughts on “Best of Beauty 2015

  1. That Real Techniques powder brush is everything!!! I use it on a daily basis. I was also addicted to all the Milani Rose Powder blushes, bomb dot com! I’ve been wanting to try their eyeshadow primer, I’m gonna have to pick one up

    • Yes I’m so glad I found someone else who loves the RT Powder Brush as much as I do!! I would be lost without it 🙂 I only have Coral Cove out of the Milani Rose Powder blushes but I realllllly want to pick up more. I just love their blushes in general, they’re so so good!

  2. Well, I learnt a new word today! “Ferrule”. Interesting word. Great post, Jodi! I always love seeing what people choose as their favourite products of the year. Definitely those Clinique lipsticks…

  3. Awesome post. I absolutely love these roundup styles and you’ve given me so many products to add to my to-try list! I love your photography too xxx

  4. Dior brow pencil is my favourite as well! I find that it takes longer to get the perfect brow using it, but when it’s all done, man do my brows look goo!

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