New Year Resolutions 2016

I’ve debated on whether or not to post this or not because these aren’t 100% New Year Resolutions – I’ve been working on some of them for a while. But ’tis the season for posting goals and hopefully if I put them out there I will be more accountable!

New Year Resolutions 2016

1. Hydrate

This is something I’ve been working on since I watched Jenn’s video in April. I’ve always been pretty good at carrying a water bottle around with me, but I’m not the greatest at actually consuming the water. So this is something I want to continue to work on. I haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to do this, but I think I’m going to start by drinking 1 full bottle of my contigo water battle before each meal. It still won’t be the half a gallon that I’m supposed to have, but it’s a good start, and I can always rework how I do it later.

2. Document

Dylan and I are really bad at taking photos of each other and ourselves. Sure, I take a lot of photos of myself for the blog, but that’s not really something I can look back on in a few months and go hey, remember when… I want to make sure we document our life in Halifax so that we can look back on it with more than just memories.

3. Reuse

We have so much plastic that comes into our house – especially in the form of beauty products – and as a sustainability major it really weighs on my mind. I want to buy products that are reusable or that have less packaging than their counterparts. I’ve been working on this for a few months already – I’ve said goodbye to body wash, for instance, and am using bars of soap because there is less plastic used there.

4. Budget

My budgeting has been non-existent for the past year and it’s been very stressful. I want to create a monthly/yearly budget and stick to it. Pretty self explanatory, but it leads into my next resolution…

5. Cook

Dylan and I are so bad for just buying food when we’re out or on our way home from classes instead of waiting and making dinner. It’s been rough on both our health and our bank accounts, so that’s something I’m determined to change!

6. Move

I’ve got to include the clichéd one on here – I want to be kinder to my body this year and actually get out and move it. I spend a lot of my time sitting in lectures or studying, and while I do walk when I go out, I want to do more. Yoga is on the top of my list – it’s good for my mental health as well as my physical health. I’d also like to go for walks that aren’t purely for commuting, because I really do enjoy walking around Halifax. Maybe slightly less in the snow, but I’ll suck it up!

Do you have any New Year Resolutions for 2016?


24 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions 2016

  1. I am bad about water as well because I hate having to pee all the time at work, but I feel like it’s the reason I feel really gross at the end of the day and get headaches all the time. Hubby and I are also bad about documenting our life together. There are some couple that document EVERYTHING and there are some like us where you would never know we were together if it weren’t for that marriage certificate!

    • Yeah I definitely feel that way about headaches and feeling gross too. Dylan and I have a one photo in our apartment from our engagement photos and some souvenirs from our wedding, but in the last year I think we took two photos together? That’s silly when we spend every day together. 🙂

  2. Good for you for making these goals, Jodi! I think that planning is the first step, and I’m sure posting it will help you feel accountable to your readers.
    I am trying some really weird sort of resolutions that I’m hoping to write about, but it’s basically that I focus on something every month (I’m starting January with well-being) and then there is something added each month.

  3. i want to ‘document’ too. david hates taking photos and is pretty indifferent about being in them, this all just means we don’t have any really good photos of us from this year. i would like to change that. good luck on your goals!

  4. “Drink more water” has been on my list for like a decade lol!!! The documenting one is BIG with me! My husband and I also don’t have any photos of the 2 of us 😦 but it’s so important to be able to look back on our lives together…I’m just going to force him 😛

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