Reading List: Blogs I Love #1

Reading List: Blogs I Love

I love sharing blogs I love with other people and what better way than a blog post? The following blogs are ones that I draw inspiration from and that I use to better my blog and my beauty routine. I hope you enjoy!

The Blog Market shares blog resources from fonts to SEO tips and everything in between. I get my monthly desktop calendar from The Blog Market as well!

Caroline Hirons is a skincare wizard. If I ever have a question about what my skin is doing or a specific product I hit up Caroline’s blog first because it’s very likely she’s written about it. She’s a skincare expert based out of the UK and has a very no-BS attitude towards the cosmetics industry.

Mostly Sunny has been on a hiatus while she moves, but Sunny is a luxury makeup junkie. I love her reviews and her flat lays are something else. (And she’s a cat lover too!)

Life, Set Sail is one of the few fashion bloggers that I actually follow and read religiously because I love everything about Brittany’s blog. It’s beautiful to look at, her personality is injected into everything she writes and the beauty posts she includes are honestly just bonuses for me.

Olive and Ivy is another blog that is just so beautiful to look at. Chelsea blogs about beauty, fashion and techy gadgets which is just so much fun. I don’t follow many tech blogs so it’s really fun to see how Chelsea includes hers within the rest of her articles.

What are some of your favourite blogs?


16 thoughts on “Reading List: Blogs I Love #1

  1. I also love Caroline Hirons. She’s also a perfect example of a blog that is successful purely because of content and not pretty pictures.

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