Schaf Skincare

Schaf Skincare

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Schaf Skincare is a natural, organic skincare brand based out of Canada who pride themselves on their cruelty-free status and their hydration-packed products. They are a new-to-me brand who I have fallen in love with very quickly. Their products are simple, effective and made without some of the gross chemicals that can be found elsewhere. You won’t find parabens, pthalates or mineral oil here!

I was sent three of Schaf Skincare’s four products and really love how they each make my skin feel. The standout product for me is the Nutritive Daily Eye Cream – it’s a light weight, yet moisture packed eye cream that has a yellow tint to brighten darkness under the eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I still need concealer, but it brings a smile to my face every time I use it when I see my under eyes a little bit brighter. The only down side to the eye cream is that it takes a bit longer than I’m used to to sink in, but that doesn’t bother me too much because I wait until after I’ve had breakfast/coffee before I do my makeup anyway.

Schaf Skincare

As you can see in the photo above, the White Lava Purifying Scrub is a gritty, yet creamy scrub. The apricot seed powder makes the scrub a powerful exfoliator that could be a little harsh on sensitive skin, though I love how silky my skin feels after. You don’t require much to cover the whole face, either, so this bottle will last a while. I do need to really squeeze the bottle to get the product out because it is a pretty thick product, so I would have preferred a tube easier to squeeze, but that’s such a small grievance that I can’t count it against the product at all.

The final product I had to try out is the Nutritive Daily Moisturizer that is light, but nourishing. It’s not quite as heavy as I like for the winter, but because I need to add an SPF anyway, I don’t mind adding in an extra moisturizer. With a blend of avocado, shea butter, pumpkin and grapeseed, it feels lovely on the skin and when my skin isn’t being beat up by the wind outside, it really loves this moisturizer. It doesn’t fight acne, but I have noticed clearer skin since I started using it, so I am really happy with the moisturizer!

I’m really happy with all three of these products and would recommend any of them. Now…to try the cleanser or not?


9 thoughts on “Schaf Skincare

  1. Thanks so much for the review!
    Just a few comments, I hope you don’t mind.
    First of all, we are very much a Canadian company. We are proudly based in Canada and all our products are made in Canada.
    With regards to our scrub, it is true that some may find the scrub a bit rough. But others may find it not rough enough. 😉 Our goal was to find a happy medium. And using both apricot shell particles, and well as white lava rock, we met our objective. Like all skin care products, one needs to personalize the use of the product – and this is especially true of any scrub. Many of our customers use the scrub every day. Others find it works better for them every other day, while still others find it works best for them just twice a week.

    Many thanks!
    Peter Schafrick
    President – schaf skincare inc

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