Life Lately #2

The past few weeks have been interesting for me – getting back into the swing of classes has been really difficult! It’s been hard to motivate myself to sit down and do homework but I’m slowly – quite slowly – getting some discipline back for coursework. 😉 My schedule has me out of the house for longer periods of time which is nice, but has made me really miss Korra a lot! I wish I could carry her in my pocket so she could always be with me.

Life Lately

Korra has taken to sleeping on top of the couch when we’re home at night which she hasn’t done at all since we moved to this place. I think it might be because I put one of my blanket scarves up there and they’re so cozy she can’t resist. I don’t blame her!


Last week my laptop had a little freak out and wouldn’t load anything. I took it to the computer place down the street and while they haven’t got back to me about it they did tell me that it’s probably the hard drive. The last time I backed it up was last March…..

But despite my agony over that, it’s been kind of nice writing by hand again. I haven’t written my school notes by hand for quite a while and there’s something almost calming about it.

This past weekend I attended the second module for the RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate that’s put on at Dalhousie and it was so amazing. In the first module we talked a lot about order vs chaos and story collecting, this one was more about leadership styles, tips on working in teams and a lot of introspection to find out more about ourselves. It sounds kind of silly when I write it like that, but it has been really great for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’m really excited for the next steps of this certificate. We were split into teams and we have defined action projects that we are going to be working on for the next two months that have to do with sustainability. My group’s topic is Affordable Housing in Halifax and I’m really excited to proceed.


8 thoughts on “Life Lately #2

  1. that seminar/training sounds really neat. computer stuff is SO stressful though. hopefully they are able to fix it and get it back to you with the contents intact. will miss your blogging in the meantime!

  2. aw Korra is so cute. That session sounds extremely interesting – hopefully things get easier as you continue in your new routine… and hopefully they are able to recover everything on your laptop. I’m awful for backing things up and really need to start… I’ve lost things like that before and know how horrible it can be!

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