Give Love this Valentines Day

Give Love <3 Three Budget-Friendly Valentines Day Gift IdeasThis Post Contains Affiliate Links

Valentines Day and I don’t usually get along. I’ve never really understood why people felt the need to spend money on a special day to show your loved ones you care, but as I got older…I kind of get it now. Life is just busy, y’know?

My husband and I still aren’t giving each other gifts (poor university life…) but I love the idea of giving gifts to the people around you that you don’t often give enough attention to. Friends and family often get shoved to the side when life gets busy, so why not give them some special attention on Valentines Day?

Spend Your Time, Instead of Your Money

Okay this is a bit sappy. But I get so caught up in the day to day of my life that I often forget to spend time with people that are important in your life. Seeing friends/family/etc face to face is such a nice way to show you care. Host a movie night, go for a coffee or make them some macaroni art: it’s as much fun as you remember, you’ve gotta try it again!

 Spread the Love with Valentines Cards

There’s something lovely about classroom style valentines cards. You know the ones you exchange as kids? I haven’t given them a thought for years, but I stumbled across the category on Minted, a stationary and home decor website, and felt this excited little pit form in the bottom of my tummy. They’re punny, customizable and have adorable designs. I definitely already ordered some cat ones that look like Korra to hand out to my friends this year…

Give Love <3 Three Budget-Friendly Valentines Day Gift Ideas

(PS: If you do fall in love with some and decide to order, make sure to order before the end of the month and use the code VALENTINE16 for 15% off.)

Give a Little Art

Art is really personal so this might be a tough one depending on the person, but there’s also nothing more sweet than receiving a “this reminded me so much of you” gift and being able to see it all the time.

Give Love <3 Three Budget-Friendly Valentines Day Gift Ideas

top: Basset Hound Dog Watercolor by Water in my Paint; middle: Flutter Watercolor by Andi Pahl; bottom: Valentine’s Day Collection No. 3 by Ivory Avenue Art.

There are a bajillion places to get beautiful prints online (hello, Etsy?) but just in case you’re stuck for ideas, a few of my favourite shops are Ivory Avenue Art (yes, the same Ivory Avenue as the beauty blog!), Water in my Paint (for all of your animal water colour needs) and Minted (it has everything – typography, abstract, realism, foils, watercolours…).

What are your favourite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


12 thoughts on “Give Love this Valentines Day

  1. I’m all about spending time instead of money! Except this year I’m totally spending money… I bought Brad Paisley tickets as soon as I heard he was coming here (it just so happens to land on Valentine’s Day) and I’m forcing my bf to come with, hahahah. So romantic.

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  3. I’m THAT PERSON who brings silly children’s Valentines Day cards into the office for everybody. We’re not a huge bunch when it comes to celebrating or decorating but I love the silly grins on everybody’s faces 🙂

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