January Empties & Tosses 2016

January 2016 Empties & Tosses

Another month gone, another empties post. It feels like I just wrote my last empties post, January seriously disappeared quickly. For those of you wondering exactly what a January Empties post it, it’s pretty simple, actually. I use up and/or throw out my cosmetics and tell you what I thought about them. This way the things that don’t warrant a full review get some screen time and you can see if you should try it or not.

Rating Scale:

😘 = love (repurchase)
😊 = pretty great (consider repurchasing)
😑 = indifferent (will not repurchase)

January 2016 Empties & Tosses

Skincare & Bodycare

Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask 😊 I love charcoal clay masks and this one is really great, but I want to expand my horizons and try more.

Boo Bamboo Makeup Remover Wipes 😑 I forgot to photograph these but they smelled great! Unfortunately they didn’t actually remove makeup at all. If I cleansed my skin with wipes I’d probably like them.

Jergen’s Moisturizer for Wet Skin (deluxe sample) 😘 This is the only drugstore wet skin moisturizer from the drugstore I’ve tried that I loved. It’s so nourishing and smells delightful.

Pearl & Daisy 100% Natural Sea Salt & Minerals Bath Soak in Candy Cane 😘 Pearl & Daisy is a Halifax company that I only recently discovered. I had planned on writing a bath time post featuring them before Christmas but I ran out of time, so hopefully that will happen soon. I loved this bath soak – it was refreshing in scent and soothing in the bathwater.

January 2016 Empties & Tosses


Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 😘 Love this. It’s my third one, though I’m using the L’Oreal one right now so I won’t repurchase for a bit.

eos Lipbalm in Strawberry 😑 Not sure why I categorized a lip balm under makeup, but meh. I used up a lip balm!! The eos balms are okay, but I find them kind of waxy and there are others I like a lot better.

January 2016 Empties & Tosses


David’s Tea Mulled Wine Oolong Tea 😊 Tasted like bubblegum and happiness. If it wasn’t LE I would consider buying it again!

David’s Tea Ginger Beer Fruit Infusion Tea 😘 Another Limited Edition tea, this one was a fast favourite. It tasted like soda without having the calories!

David’s Tea Toasted Walnut Green Tea (sample) 😊 Yum yum yum. Toasted Walnut a nutty green tea that I’d definitely drink again.

January 2016 Empties & Tosses

Makeup Tosses

CoverGirl truMAGIC Skin Perfector 😑 This is supposed to mattify and make pores disappear, but I only used it once or twice and can’t remember if it actually did those things. Now it’s definitely expired.

I recently came to the conclusion that my eyelids hate cream eyeshadows, and unfortunately that includes my beloved Maybelline Color Tattoos 😑. I love the shade ranges and the boldness of the colours but they just don’t stay put on my lids, so I’m getting rid of Barely Branded, Bad to the Bronze and Pomegranate Punk. (For those of you wondering about my Project Make a Dent if Bad to the Bronze is disappearing, I’ll be replacing it with something else!)

Dior Rouge Brilliant Lip Gloss in 775 Darling 😊 I’m not a huge gloss girl but I loved this lipgloss! It’s not sticky and it’s so hydrating – plus the bold magenta is super flattering. Sad to see it go!

Monthly empties are so much better than quarterly ones to write! I  bet it was a lot easier to read too. What made into to your January Empties?


Cosmetic Empties: 4
Tea Empties: 2
Sample Empties: 2
Cosmetic Tosses: 5



16 thoughts on “January Empties & Tosses 2016

  1. I have one of those Jergen’s samples so I should really try it! You prefer it to the Nivea? I really love the Nivea but we just used it up WAY too fast that said I like the in-the-shower convenience…I didn’t really Ginger Beer was LE, whoops, I should have picked up a little more! I’ve also added a makeup tosses category to my empties, since I am tossing makeup that I’ve made a huge dent in some cases but can’t really call *done*.

  2. You used up a lot of products this month! A shame that the Color Tattoos don’t work for you…even over primer? I have very dry skin and especially eyelids so cream works for me.

    • Yeah I’m kinda glad it’s gone. I could only wear it at night cus it was so waxy (and I was really stubborn to use it up). I think I need more of the walnut green tea….but maybe when I’ve used up more tea 😉

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