David’s Tea Apple Strudel Black Tea

David's Tea Apple Strudel Black Tea | uptherollercoaster.com

On Valentine’s Day Dylan and I went for a walk in the cold and – surprise! – ended up at David’s Tea. I’d been avoiding it since I saw the Aquamarine Cat Perfect Mug because…well I had to have it, let’s be honest. It’s cats. I also ended up walking out with far more than I anticipated including a little bit of the new Apple Strudel Black Tea. And a few others but we’ll leave that for another post. 😉

Good mornings start with great breakfasts. And truly great breakfasts start with a hot cup of tea. This deliciously comforting black tea is a little taste of both. Inspired by the sweet and buttery taste of a warm apple strudel, it’s the perfect way to start any day. It’s got big pieces of apple, creamy coconut and nutty almonds, all in a base of black tea – for a much-needed caffeine dose. One cup of this and you’ll start looking forward to the alarm clock…

Being inspired by buttery apple pastries, this tea is very apple-heavy and would be a great start to any morning. (Even though I’m more of a morning coffee kind of person.) David’s Tea Apple Strudel has huge chunks of coconut and apple in it, giving it a smooth texture in the mouth and a very slight aftertaste of almonds. I find the apples overpower any of the other flavours and I don’t personally get apple strudel’s from it. Definitely apples! But I don’t quite taste the sweetness that strudel’s have.

David's Tea Apple Strudel Black Tea | uptherollercoaster.com

Ingredients: Apple, black tea, pineapple (pineapple, cane sugar, citric acid, sulfites), almond, coconut, stevia extract, natural flavouring.

For a similar(ish) taste I personally prefer Forever Nuts, but it’s such a favourite that it’s hard to compare anything else to it. David’s Tea Apple Strudel is a nice treat, but like a good pastry, I think this one will be saved for an every once in a while tea, rather than an every day tea.

Have you tried any new teas lately? 


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