TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System

TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System |

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

TRESemmé recently released a new line of shampoo and conditioners designed to amp up the volume. But unlike other volumizing collections, the Beauty-Full Volume shampoo and conditioner is a reverse wash system. Yep, they want you to condition your hair before you shampoo. Weird, right?

I’ll be honest – I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve started to discover a few products that will give my hair that volume boost, but they almost always leave my hair feeling frizzy and not as soft as I would like. So I guess that was what I expected from this too. I also really didn’t expect to see a difference with the reverse washing bit – I mean, I was always told to shampoo and then condition first to make sure to get all of the conditioning goodness. If anything that would mean my hair would be stripped if I conditioned first right? But I was excited to try it out anyway, I’m always on the look out for my new favourite shampoo.

TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System |

I was sent three products from the Beauty-Full Volume line: conditioner, shampoo and a “hair maximizer” (aka blow dry treatment). Upon using the conditioner and shampoo in the shower I noticed right away that my hair felt soft (hurray!) and incredibly light. The shampoo did it’s job well and I didn’t feel that it did any worse or better job than any other shampoo at cleaning my hair. The conditioner worked well too, in fact I’d say it left my hair softer than some other conditioners I’ve tried lately.

After rinsing everything out and towel drying I worked in some of the hair maximizer (about a dime’s amount) and blow dried away. My hair felt so light. Really really light. And so lifted at the roots. I have never actually felt my hair feel so lifted. Every time I’ve used the Beauty-Full Volume line I felt like I’ve had a good hair day because everything is bouncy and light and shiny. I definitely think it’s more the conditioner than the hair maximizer that gives my hair that bounce – I didn’t notice that the hair maximizer did much in the volume department but it did help the frizz situation!

Unfortunately the good hair day only really lasted one day for me – my hair got greasy super fast using the Beauty-Full Volume system. I’m really disappointed about that part because it was so fun having my hair feel so light and bouncy!

I really enjoyed using the TREsemme Beauty-full Volume Reverse Wash System, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it for myself. There are just others shampoo and conditioner combinations that I prefer with my hair.

Have you tried reverse washing?


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