Think Spring at Davids Tea

Hi all, Eithne from Tea & Nail Polish taking over Jodi’s blog today while she is busy with school.  Jodi asked me to share some of my tried and tested teas for spring, so I dragged out my DavidsTea collection and picked some favourites.

Spring is supposed to bring us warmer weather, but we all know that Canadian weather doesn’t follow the seasons so I love a mix of warm comforting teas for those still cold or snowy days in April and some fruity more summery flavours to make me think warm thoughts.

Davids Tea Quince Charming |

Since it is the tea of the month, I will start with DavidsTea Quince Charming, a black tea with apple, hibiscus, blackberry leaves and quince.  It is sweet without being sickly sweet thanks to some tartness from the hibiscus and has a delicious floral and fruity scent that will make you wish you were on a beach rather than still shoveling snow.

Davids Tea Cherry Blossom |

Nothing quite says spring like cherry blossoms.  Not all of us are lucky enough to have a beautiful cherry blossom filled park nearby, so get yourself a cup of DavidsTea Cherry Blossom tea.  This white tea is packed with juicy cherries and light delicate blossoms to make you feel like a warm day in the park even if you are stuck inside.

Davids Tea Blueberry Jam |

Maybe not the most spring themed of teas, but the smell of DavidsTea Blueberry Jam is enough to brighten up your day.  Before you even start steeping this delicious black tea, the scent of blueberries will fill the kitchen.  It does contain stevia so is fairly sweet but still low in calories if you are getting swimwear ready for summer!

Davids Tea Pink Flamingo |

Spring makes me crave citrus, after a winter semi-hibernating, the zingy flavours get you out the door in the morning. Pink Flamingo is a sweet, citrusy cocktail of oranges, tangerines and lemongrass is mixed with hibiscus and beetroot to turn it a natural shade of hot pink, plus blackberry leaves for a sunny burst of Vitamin C, apple and carrot for extra sweetness, and eucalyptus leaves for kick.  Delicious as your first iced tea of the season!

Main Squeeze mixes the high-energy punch of green yerba maté with orange, papaya and pineapple to help you stay alert and refreshed while Juicy Orange combines the rich, earthy taste of pu’erh tea with sweet, juicy orange and literally smells like freshly squeezed orange juice.

Davids Tea Birthday Cake |

We can’t be good all of the time, so if you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, try DavidsTea Birthday Cake as a latte.  This delicious blend of rooibos has sprinkles and tastes like a delicious vanilla cake (icing included) in a cup.  The smell of vanilla just fills your mind and the latte foam makes it all the more satisfying.

Which one is on your list to try?


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