Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions Review

Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions Review |

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

I can’t remember the last time I had hair that was anywhere past around an inch lower than my shoulders. I love the idea of having long hair, but I always get so tired of it before it gets any real length on it and chop it off. The Royal Remy hair extensions from Irresistible MeΒ give me the perfect balance between wanting long hair but now wanting the maintenance behind it: I can just unclip the length if I get tired of it!

This was my first experience with hair extensions, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew from other bloggers reviews that the Royal Remy hair extensions come packaged in two separate compartments of a plastic sleeve so that you can compare the colour and length to your own hair before digging into all of the wefts. You also get three extra clips, which is a nice touch!

As I hinted at in the second paragraph, these extensions attach with clips, so putting the hair extensions on is really easy. My set came with 1 weft of four clips, 2 of three clips, 2 of two clips and 2 of 1 clip, though I find that it’s actually difficult to fit them all on my head. It’s possible, but feels a bit crowded and definitely adds a lot of volume!

Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions Review |

The hair extensions come in three different weights (100g, 140g and 200g) which will affect the volume of hair in the wefts, and in various lengths ranging from 14 inches to 24 inches.Β I chose the Medium Brown Royal Remy hair extensions in the 14 inch, 100 gram size. Because my hair is short already I didn’t want to get too excited about the length, so I went with the smallest batch that I could. Medium Brown is the perfect match for my hair!

Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions Review |

I didn’t style the extensions at all before I put them in my hair in this photo, I just brushed them out and attached them. The hair is human hair, so it’s okay to style and colour, but it worked so well with my hair that I didn’t find I needed to. It’s a bit messy looking in the back, but it actually looks like the natural texture of my hair so I find them really easy to wear! The extensions are also so soft and shiny, so while it can be a bit heavy on the scalp, they feel really nice to wear. I also love the length! It’s very bizarre to see myself with long hair, but I think this will give me the push I need to keep growing my hair out. And if not, I always have my Royal Remy Hair Extensions to clip in!

Have you ever tried hair extensions?


11 thoughts on “Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions Review

  1. IT’S SO WEIRD TO SEE YOU WITH LONG HAIR. I love your short hair haha so I think you should just keep the extensions πŸ˜‰ but you also look great this way and they look super natural on you I guess because of the texture of your hair, the colour is a perfect match also. yay!

  2. NGL, it was so weird seeing everyone on this campaign with longer hair. Like, HOW DID YOU GROW 4 INCHES OF HAIR OVERNIGHT???

    I can’t remember the last time I had hair that covered my chest. Looking back now, that was a totes weird look for me and I pretty much stick to shoulder length hair these days because it’s so much easier to manage. And I just think I look ~cuter~ with shorter hair L O L

  3. Those look so good on you. They match and blend really well, and you didn’t style them? I’m impressed. I really am not that great at putting mine in or styling them, but I do like them a lot.

    • Yeah I just brushed them out – so I’m quite impressed! Honestly I am really glad they look good without being styled because styling my own hair is difficult enough for me, let alone extensions πŸ˜‰

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