Three to Try: Joe Fresh

Three to Try: Joe Fresh

This spring Joe Fresh arrived at Shoppers Drug Mart to much excitement – at least in the Canadian beauty blogging community. Previously Joe Fresh, a Canadian beauty and fashion label, had been available at Loblaw’s and Superstores but Shoppers Drug Marts are much more abundant. It makes the brand much more accessible and for Canadian makeup lovers like me, the more brands around the better!

I picked up three powder products to try from Joe Fresh – a highlight, blush and bronzer. They have a pretty small range available right now, but there is a decent variety of products.

The packaging might be my favourite part of the products. It’s simple but very sleek with the clear acrylic and simple embossing. It’s a nice change from cheap-feeling plastic in the drugstore. And there’s no useless sponge brushes! Hurrah!

Joe Fresh Highlighter Powder in Champagne

Joe Fresh Highlighter Powder in Champagne

The first Joe Fresh product I purchased, the highlighters available definitely excited me the most. I don’t have very many highlights in my stash, so to add another affordable one is pretty wonderful. Champagne is a sheeny champagne that kicks up quite a bit of powder when you dip your brush in. I don’t mind powdery products so long as they perform and I do like this highlight. It’s a more subtle highlight than what I was expecting – I was hoping for something that was a bit more in your face – but it’s still very pretty for every day!

Joe Fresh Blush in Peach Dream

Joe Fresh Blush in Peach Dream

Peach Dream is a pretty warm peach (surprise, ha!) that I was super excited about. I am all about blush recently, so I was hoping for a knock out. This kind of peach colour is my jam! It’s also pretty powdery and I find I get the most oomph from it if I use a stippling brush. However…it still hardly shows up on my skin. Pretty disappointing, but it would be nice for those days where I want just a hint of flush.

Joe Fresh Bronze in Sand

Joe Fresh Bronzer in Sand

Last but not least is the bronzer. I’m a bronzer addict, so it was inevitable that I picked this up, especially because Chelle talks about it so much. It’s my favourite of the bunch – a super nice light bronzer that adds some dimension to my face. It’s pretty much fool proof because it’s quite light – no risk of mud-face here. I’ve been using it a lot when I’m too tired to actually care about my makeup and it’s been perfect for slapping on my face.

I’m looking forward to trying more Joe Fresh products, but I think I might skip any more powder products. They are very powdery and light in pigmentation so great for beginners, but I like a bit more oomph.

Have you tried any Joe Fresh products?



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