FOTD: Canadian Beauty, Meet My Face

FOTD: Canadian Beauty, Meet My FaceThis post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Pink isn’t really my thing. I’ve always shied away from it – first because my older sister didn’t like it, and then because it felt too girly. I don’t dislike it like I did anymore, but it’s still not something I think of as a colour I enjoy. The only exception is makeup – I love warm pink blushes, rose lipsticks and recently…pink eyeshadow.

There is something so light and springy about a wash of pink all over the eyelid that I absolutely love. It’s neutral without being brown, it’s light without being cream and it gives an almost hazy effect to the eyelids when you blend it out. The word that keeps popping it my head is romantic, even though that’s not quite the word I want to use to describe it.

For this look I limited the products I used to Canadian beauty brands, specifically Lise Watier, Marcelle and Annabelle Cosmetics. They’re some of my favourite Canadian beauty
brands so it was really fun digging through my collection to do a complete look with their products.

FOTD: Canadian Beauty, Meet My Face

Starting off I colour corrected with the Lise Watier Concealer Wheel because my dark circles are fierce. These concealers are some of my favourites because they are so pigmented, so my redness and dark circles don’t really stand a chance. For foundation I used the Marcelle Flawless Skin-Fusion Foundation in Classic Ivory which is possibly my new favourite foundation. It matches my skintone perfectly. Like no other foundation has done before it, and it has very buildable coverage. I built it up to somewhere between medium and full coverage, but you can still see my moles…without the addition of my acne scarring. What else could I want?

For some colour I used my old faithful Annabelle Cosmetics Biggy Bronzer in Matte Gold around the perimeter of my face and one of Marcelle’s beautiful Powder Blushes in Coral on my cheeks. Because I love both of these so much I used them for my eyeshadow as well, running the lightest shade in the Biggy Bronzer through the crease and patting the stunning coral powder on my lid. Both of these powders are matte, so I was a bit surprised when I was content with that – I’ve been loving some shimmer lately – but it really made my eyeshadow feel soft and pretty.

Where I did want a bit of shine was my lips. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of over matte lips? I want my lips to feel nourished and alive instead of dry. Marcelle’s Lux Colour Rush Lip Lacquer in Summer Flame gave me all that plus a nice, light wash of colour (though you can definitely build it up for some serious colour oomph). I’ve been loving these lip gloss hybrids lately, anyone else fallen in love?

FOTD: Canadian Beauty, Meet My FaceSurprisingly I decided to wear eyeliner for this look (I never wear eyeliner). Annabelle’s Waterproof Liquid Liner in Bronze was the perfect fit for a thin, defining line along the lash line. For mascara I used my new absolutely favourite mascara ever: Marcelle’s Volum’Extension Magnetic Mascara. This mascara gives me everything I need a mascara to do – it defines, seperates and volumizes like you wouldn’t believe. The brush is a traditional fibre one, which I prefer, and I just can’t stop wearing this mascara. It’s everything I’ve been looking for!

FOTD: Canadian Beauty, Meet My Face

To finish off the look I used a combination of Annabelle’s Brow-to-Go Brow Shaping Kit in Light/Medium and Marcelle’s Perfect Brow Tinted Brow Gel in Medium to Dark – which has the tiniest brush I have ever seen on a brow gel. If you have sparse eyebrows like me, you really need to give this a try. This is another product that I haven’t been able to stop using lately.


6 thoughts on “FOTD: Canadian Beauty, Meet My Face

  1. I didn’t know marcelle made such pretty lipstick products, a really pretty mlbb shade! And zomg that mascara definitely does everything mascara should do, your lashes look amazin!!

  2. I love wearing pink tones as well and this look is just lovely. Your lashes look amazing and I’m so surprised you’re using the same shade of brow gel as me as you’re so much fairer!

  3. this is a gorgeous look, that mascara looks amazing and i really do love that foundation, definitely worth checking out! I LOVE brow gels with tiny brushes so I will definitely have to look into that also!

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