Out of My Comfort Zone: Cool Toned Makeup

Out of my Comfort Zone: Cool Toned Makeup

About a month ago, Krystal and I were talking about how we don’t often push ourselves out of our comfort zones of warm toned makeup (for me) and cool toned makeup (for her). We both had an idea of doing a post about it and figured we might as well collaborate on it!

Cool toned makeup never really does it for me. I like warm golds and rusts, corals and reds. It’s not often that I’ll use taupe, silver or pink – and if I do, I use it sparingly. So it was about time that I set my mind to actually using a full face of cool toned makeup.

Out of my Comfort Zone: Cool Toned Makeup

To start, I used my trusty Marcelle BB Cream (which is now empty! Nooooo) and concealed with Maybelline Master Conceal – it’s amazing at brightening under the eyes! Because I was going cool-toned everywhere else I gravitated toward MAC Omega eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows and discovered a new brow-fave. What a perfect light brow shade! To make sure my brow hairs stayed in place I used my new favourite eyebrow gel – the Marcelle Perfect Brow.

I didn’t set my face, which is a rarity, because I wanted to use the Clinique Chubby Stick in Amp’d Up Apple, a beautiful nude that can be sheered out or really amped up. Because I waned to go light on the eyes, I opted for amped up. I also used The Body Shop Honey Bronzer around the perimeters of my face to give my face a bit more dimension.

Now for the tricky part…the eyes. I don’t have very much in terms of cool toned eyeshadows, so I decided to try a new esssence palette: All About Chocolates. I have tried one before – All About Nude – which I love, so I had high hopes. This one doesn’t have the pigmentation I wanted, even after I rubbed off the top layer of powder, but I worked with what I had anyway.

All About Chocolates has a nice range of browns with a matte white that’s perfect for brow bone highlight. I used two of the darkest, coolest shades in the palette on the bottom row, using the middle as a wash and the one on the right side of the palette to try to deepen my outer corner. It wasn’t super successful, but it’s nice for someone like me who isn’t very comfortable with cool toned makeup. Because All About Chocolates was a bit lackluster, I pulled out one of my favourite Annabelle Stay Sharp Metallic Eyeliner in Ocean and lined right at the base of my eyelashes. It helped define my lashes nicely while giving me some colour – which I’m actually more comfortable using than cool tones!

To finish everything up I gave my lashes a good coating of Marcelle Volum’Xtension Magnetic Mascara and swiped on Maybelline Colorsenational Lipstick in Let Me Pink.

While I am still disappointed in the essence eyeshadow, I loved everything else about this look! I think I need more cool toned makeup in my life!

Do you stick to one shade or tone of makeup? Or do you like to branch out into all sides of the colour spectrum?

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.


12 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone: Cool Toned Makeup

  1. This looks great on you! Love the glasses to! I most times use warm tones as well, maybe I will give the cooler tones a try.

  2. I have the sunset version of that essence palette – it swatched BEAUTIFULLY but didn’t last at all. I am going to try it with a different primer. Also lovvvvve that Marcelle BB cream.

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