6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Makeup Products

6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Makeup Products | uptherollercoaster.com

We have less than a month less of spring and if you’re a spring cleaner like I am, you’re probably done all of the organizing and cleaning you can by this point. But last week I realized I completely forgot about my beauty stash! I tidied and purged the rest of the apartment, but my poor beauty drawers were left totally forgotten. Seems as I am going through the beauty stash a bit late in the game I thought you might enjoy following along and getting some tips as I go.

1. Empty Out Every Drawer

This is the most important part of spring cleaning, in my opinion. Throughout the year I will purge and tidy, but I never ever wipe down my drawers. So I thought it would be a good idea to dump everything out on my bed, give everything a good ol’ wipe down and organize from scratch.

2. Reassess Your Products

Decluttering is all the rage right now and I love a bit of a declutter, myself. I actually do it on a just about monthly basis and I pretty much have my beauty stash down to as small as I can get it without really tugging at my heart strings. But it’s still a good idea to go through things, pull out anything that might be expired (looking at you, forgotten mascara samples) or anything you haven’t used in a year. If you haven’t used it for that long you probably won’t use it again.

3. Reuse Old Containers

I love using old boxes and plastic containers to organize everything in my drawers. I have a collection of clementine boxes from the winter that I keep samples and PR products in, I use glass jars to hold eyeliners and old product boxes to keep everything in the drawers organized. It’s not especially pretty, but I refuse to buy anything specifically for these drawers because I do reorganize so often.

4. Give ’em a Wipe Down

This might seem time consuming – and it kind of is – but now is a great time to wipe off the outsides of your products. Get those finger prints and foundation smudges off of the outsides so they look shiny and new!

5. Disinfect The Products

While you’re at it, grab some rubbing alcohol and disinfect your products. I keep mine in a spray bottle so that I can spritz the powder products without fear of giving them hard pan. For eye pencils, lipsticks and anything in stick form, I spritz a paper towel or cotton round with the rubbing alcohol and then wipe the tips off.

6. Reorganize!

This is my favourite part – I love to reorganize my beauty stash every once in a while to try to find the perfect way to organize it. I will probably never find that perfect organization system, but it’s fun to try.


12 thoughts on “6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Makeup Products

  1. Noooo these tips are so good and made me realize..I haven’t really done any of them. I keep postponing my plan to reorganize my beauty products and I really just got to dive in one day and don’t stop till I finish! Emptying out every drawer will be hard 😦

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