Bloggers Made Me Do It

Bloggers Made Me Do It | uptherollercoaster.comI was looking through my makeup drawers a while ago and realized that the majority of my products were purchased purely because of bloggers. Honestly, I could probably list every product I own in this post, but I thought I would mention highlights of a few that really popped out to me.

The first product I remember buying because of a bloggers influence is the Body Shop Honey Bronzer. Estee Lalonde used to talk about this beauty all the time and it was the introduction to my bronzer addiction. Other early acquisitions are basically every drugstore eyeshadow palette ever (Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, essence All About Nudes…) because for some reason, eyeshadow palettes aren’t something I pick up on a whim.

Bloggers Made Me Do It |


More recently I picked up the tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed thanks to Chelle’s recommendation and actually…the NYX Jumbo Eyepencil in Black Bean and MAC Coppering was thanks to her as well! Apparently Chelle has quite the influence on my makeup choices. 😉

It’s so interesting to me how bloggers can have such a huge influence on people. Especially other bloggers. I know that bloggers are some of the hugest influencers out there right now but I didn’t realize how much the “blogger effect” was alive and well in my makeup collection. I doubt I would have purchased any of the bite beauty Maple Lipsticks, the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette or the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation without bloggers and vloggers raving about them first. I’ve discovered some of my absolute favourite beauty products this way and…well, I’ve definitely been caught up in the hype of others.

I don’t regret any of the purchases I’ve made based on bloggers influences though, even if I did get swept up by hype. Sometimes hype is there for a reason, like with the bite maple lipsticks. Though discontinued now, the Luminous Creme lipstick formula was beauuuutiful. And you just can’t go wrong with maple scented/flavoured anything.

Anyone else’s makeup collection largely made up of blogger-influenced buys?


31 thoughts on “Bloggers Made Me Do It

  1. I also got (happily!) suckered into TBS Honey Bronzer because of Estee. That one was wellll worth the purchase!

    And yessss! So glad I influenced you on such great purchases! I had no idea I influenced you for Coppering though… that shade is KILLER!

    • I think it was a few people in the CBB, but you cinched it! I trust your eyeshadow tastes 😉

      I would be surprised if my Honey Bronzer lasted the summer the way it’s going! Soooo close to finishing it!

  2. Oh wow yeah just looking at your picture, I can definitely pin-point all the products I’ve heard about too! This is actually such a good post idea. I’m trying to think about some products bloggers made me buy. The one that screams out to me is the Sweet Peach palette and I’m so glad I grabbed it!

  3. There are definitely a few things in my stash that I bought after some blogger influence, but I’m happy with all of it. I never would have finally tried the Too Faced chocolate pallette or the UD Naked without bloggers. I always thought they were just too much hype to be real but when I finally bought them
    I saw it was all true!!

  4. I have a whole section of Bloglovin posts saved purely because I want to buy the beauty bits that bloggers have raved about haha. I really think bloggers can be super influential – I would be much more likely to pick up a product because a blogger raved about it than a celebrity.

    Steph –

  5. The blogger effect is so powerful! I can’t tell you how many products I’ve tried because of the hype. This is such a unique idea for a post you should turn it into a series!

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