Pan that Palette – Urban Decay Naked 3

Pan that Palette Urban Decay Naked 3 | uptherollercoaster.comThis will be my first time doing a Pan that Palette challenge. And I know, I know. Last time I talked about my Project Make a Dent progress I talked about how I was over these kinds of projects, but I’m really into it again! So I think I just needed a little break from that one.

For those of you unaware, Pan that Palette is a challenge to use up a specific palette in a set amount of time. I’ve already started this (three days ago), and I think I’m going to really enjoy using it. The Naked 3 is a really lovely summer palette!

The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is the oldest palette in my collection. I was really hesitant to do this project with it at first because it has a lot of sentimental value: Dylan bought it for me, it was my first big palette and I used it for my wedding makeup. So it’s going to be sad to see it get used up, but I’d rather use it than have it go bad!

Pan that Palette: Urban Decay Naked 3 |

Pan that Palette: Urban Decay Naked 3 |

I already have decent progress on the Naked 3. Three of the shades have pretty big dips in them (surprise, they’re the matte shades) and I do use the glitters quite a lot. I’m really excited to start doing some more versatile looks with this guy – I usually stick to the same eyeshadows when I use it. Time to use more than just Strange, Limit and Nooner!

The end date for this project is October 31, 2016. I don’t know how much use I’ll get out of it in the fall, but I know I won’t use it during the winter, so there’s no point in having it go further than that.


6 thoughts on “Pan that Palette – Urban Decay Naked 3

  1. I’m kind of in awe that this is your OLDEST palette? I have some seriously elderly palettes in my stash in comparison… lol

    I love Pan That Palette challenges, although I realize they can be fun to start and then horribly daunting towards the end. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!

    • Yeah, I had an older Sephora brand palette, but it went bad so I got rid of it. I also had some drugstore ones, but those are also long gone.

      I hope I can keep it up with this one, I hope that I don’t get too bored.

  2. I love the sentimental attachment you have to this! That makes it so special and I can see why you may be sad when it’s over, but you’ll always have the lovely photos (wedding ones and blog ones) 🙂

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