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The Tea Blogger Tag | uptherollercoaster.com

I’ve been loving tags recently, and it’s been far too long since I talked about tea here on Up the Rollercoaster. Eithne recently did the tea blogger tag and tagged me, so here I am!

Hot or cold?

Usually hot, though in the summer I almost never drink hot tea. The only thing I drink hot in the summer is coffee unless it’s a particularly cold day.

Strong or weak?

In the middle? I don’t like it too strong but I don’t like it weak either, haha. Though that does depend on the tea. Yogi Berry from David’s Tea I liked really weak, but herbal teas I pretty much brew forever cus they don’t get bitter.

Loose leaf or tea bags?

I don’t really have a preference, but from my tea cupboard you’d think I preferred loose leaf, haha. They both have their negatives or positives – tea bags are certainly easier to take on the go, but loose leaf teas are so much easier to customize.

Do you buy your tea out or steep it at home?

Steep it at home, for sure. I can’t justify buying tea out and about when I have such a huge tea stash at home.

Favourite cold tea?

ELECTRIC LEMONADE. I’m not even going to explain myself because I explain it perfectly in that review/story time post. Just go read it. 😉

Favourite hot tea?

Ohhh. There are so many! I really like vanilla chai teas, Ginger Beer from David’s Tea is amazing, so is Hot Chocolate (also from DT)…but you can also never go wrong with a good ol’ Earl Grey.

When do you like to drink your tea?

Afternoons and evenings, typically. Mornings are for coffee!

What do you like in your tea? Milk, cream, sugar, etc?

Most teas I drink black, but there are a few that I add a bit of sweetness to. Jasmine Green teas are my favourite with just a tiny bit of honey and Earl Grey just isn’t the same without a little bit of sugar in it.

The Tea Blogger Tag | uptherollercoaster.com

What is your favourite mug?

My kitty mug from David’s Tea! It makes me so happy every time I use it! Though the lady bug one (also from DT) is a close second. Unfortunately they were both limited edition, though.

What tea do you recommend?

Oh god. Uhm. David’s Tea Secret Santa is always a favourite, but only available in the holiday season, any vanilla chai is delicious (though I do really like David’s Tea’s version)…Electric Lemonade if you’re looking for an iced tea.

Do you have a favourite brand of tea?

David’s Tea, very obviously if you look in my tea cupboard. 😉

Least favourite tea

Ohhh. There are a few – Pink Flamingo and Queen of Tarts are the ones that come right to mind. Though anything with too much sweetener or hibiscus in it immediately turns me off.

Is there a particular snack you like to eat with your tea?

Not really, though if I’m having Earl Grey with my husband we occasionally like to treat ourselves to cookies.

Have you always liked tea?

No, I distinctly remember my dad trying to get me to drink green tea to help with a sore throat once and I remember saying “Ugh, it tastes like dirt.”

And because I refuse to tag people, that’s that! Though do let me know if you do end up doing this!


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