BVSpa by Bon Vidal Body Lotion & Body Butter

The last time I talked about BVSpa by Bon Vidal, I was talking about how wonderful their scrubs are for dealing with dry feet (and dry skin everywhere, really). Today it’s all about putting moisture back into your skin.

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Joe Fresh Lipstick: Coral Shine & Rose Matte

If you’ve been reading Up the Rollercoaster for a little while, you’ll know that a few months ago Joe Fresh came out with a makeup line. I was pretty excited – I love drugstore makeup, so some new choices made me very happy! I initially tried their powder products, but thanks to a generous birthday gift from Holly, I have two Joe Fresh lipstick formulas to share today.

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FotD: Renewing my Drivers License

Monday I had to go get my drivers license renewed. I’d been putting it off for months until it finally expired on my birthday, so it was time. Unfortunately that meant two hours total on the bus on top of a very hot day. I was pretty worried my makeup would have melted off of my face by the time I got there, meaning my drivers license picture wouldn’t be the greatest. And…honestly, a lot of it had. I didn’t wear long-wearing makeup because I really wanted to try out the new light-weight foundation I bought. Yeah, not the best idea.

That being said, I do love the look I did before I sweated it all off. 😉

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Green Beauty: Zak Deodorant

Deodorant is one of those hygiene items that doesn’t quite feel like it belongs in the “beauty” category in my brain, but when I think about it…why would body wash or scrubs if deodorant didn’t? It’s a weird one, but I think this Zak deodorant is a good introduction into the deodorant world for Up the Rollercoaster.

Zak Deodorant |

Zak is a body care company based in Colorado that wants to make deodorant healthy and effective. It’s been my experience so far that deodorants can either be one or the other – either they’re natural/aluminum free/etc and not very effective, or they’re effective and have less than satisfactory ingredients. So I was mighty eager to try a new one! All while crossing my fingers that finally, I would find the holy grail of deodorants. Continue reading

T by Daniel BFF Berry Fruit Fusion, Limelight, Night in Rio, Orange Creamsicle

Why yes, I am featuring a tea brand other than David’s Tea! I know, weird right? When Canadian tea company T by Daniel contacted me I was so thrilled! I couldn’t wait to try their teas and see what a Canadian brand had to offer.

I have Summer Collection from T by Daniel to share with you today, which features four tasty teas. BFF Berry Fruit Fusion, a herbal tea full of elderberries and hibiscus; Limelight, a light tasting green tea with just a hint of lime; Night in Rio, a herbal tea concotion unlike any other tea I’ve tasted and Orange Creamsicle, a herbal tea that tastes exactly like you’d imagine it would.

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