Joe Fresh Lipstick: Coral Shine & Rose Matte

If you’ve been reading Up the Rollercoaster for a little while, you’ll know that a few months ago Joe Fresh came out with a makeup line. I was pretty excited – I love drugstore makeup, so some new choices made me very happy! I initially tried their powder products, but thanks to a generous birthday gift from Holly, I have two Joe Fresh lipstick formulas to share today.

Joe Fresh Lipstick: Coral Shine and Rose Matte |

Joe Fresh Lipstick in Coral

Joe Fresh Lipstick: Coral Shine |

The Shine Lipsticks are what you’d expect from something with the word “shine” in it – a glossy, hydrating formula that doesn’t last long, but sure feels good. I love the coral shade – it’s a shade I wear a lot in the summer and fall – so I know I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this.

The packaging on these is a slim lipstick tube that I really like. Because it’s so slim it stands out a bit in my collection (I only have traditional lipstick sizes, crayons or glosses) so it’ll be easy to find in the lipstick drawer. I am a bit afraid for the cap though – it doesn’t stay on the white case very well, so I fear it’ll crack and fall to pieces if I put it in a bag.

Joe Fresh Lipstick: Coral Shine Lip Swatch |

But look at how gorgeous this Joe Fresh lipstick is! It doesn’t go on super evenly – you can see a little bit of pigmentation concentration in places on the lip swatch above – but honestly, I don’t even care. It’s beautiful!

Joe Fresh Lipstick in Rose

Joe Fresh Lipstick: Rose Matte |

If there’s a colour that I wear the most regularly on my lips year-round, it’s a pinky mauve. AKA this matte lipstick in Rose. Upon first feeling this Joe Fresh lipstick on my lips it reminded me a lot of my all time favourite matte lipstick formula, though it does gather a bit in the lines in my lips.

Joe Fresh Lipstick: Rose Matte |

Rose lasts for a couple of hours on my lips before it needs reapplication. When I do reapply it, I need to wipe it off completely to get rid of the product that’s gathered in my lip lines, so it’s not super easy to touch up, unfortunately. But again…I just can’t get over how pretty the colour is.

Joe Fresh Lipstick: Coral Shine and Rose Matte |

You can tell in the arm swatches above just how glossy the Joe Fresh Shine Lipsticks are in comparison to the matte formula. I like both formulas a lot, though neither are my absolute favourite. I can see myself picking up more shine lipsticks because I am seriously lacking glossy lipsticks in my collection, but I’ll probably stick with matte formulas I like better.

Have you tried any Joe Fresh products?


4 thoughts on “Joe Fresh Lipstick: Coral Shine & Rose Matte

  1. I have not tried any cosmetics from them yet, but I want to! I’m just not sure what yet.
    Both these lippies look great on you! It’s too bad that the Rose lipstick requires so much work (wiping off before reapplying), I would have to have to do that all day long.

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