Sibu Beauty Sea Berry Therapy Polishing Facial Cleanser, Nourishing Face Cream & Age Defying Eye Cream

Sibu Beauty is one of those brands that I’ve heard people talk about for years but had never tried myself. It was always on my radar as a good-for-you brand and the sea berry/sea buckthorn always intrigued me because it’s supposed to be very good for acne-prone skin. I’ve finally got my hands on a trio of goodies from Sibu that I’m very excited to share with you today!

Sibu Beauty Sea Berry Therapy Skincare |

Sibu uses sea buckthorn from India in their products, where the berries are harvested in the traditional way, without heavy machinery or axes in order to preserve the landscape. As someone spending her days studying sustainability and sustainable agriculture, this makes my heart sing! Sibu’s commitment to sustainability not only includes minimal-impact farming, but also environmentally sustainable and healthy working conditions and fair wages. Talk about a good brand to get behind!

Sibu Beauty Sea Berry Therapy Skincare |

Sibu Beauty Polishing Facial Cleanser

But onto the actual skincare. The Sibu Polishing Facial Cleanser is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that is perfect for a morning cleanse. I don’t use it to remove makeup, though it is pretty good at getting light makeup off. I prefer using it in the morning because of the exfoliation factor, which leaves my skin feeling smooth and primed for skincare and makeup.

The cleanser is a non-foaming gel cleanser that is really amazing for my oily skin, but isn’t drying, so would work for normal skin as well. The Polishing Facial Cleanser helps to keep my skin balanced, though I personally prefer something a little stronger to get rid of SPF, sweat and grime in the evening.

Sibu Beauty Nourishing Face Cream

Sibu Beauty Sea Berry Therapy Skincare |

I am very picky with my face creams: if I use it during the day I prefer it to have SPF and if I use it at night it needs to making my skin feel soft and soothed without being heavy. Luckily, I have found the perfect evening face cream in the Sibu Nourishing Face Cream. It would be great for day time too if you add in your own SPF, but I prefer using it after my evening cleanse. It’s especially nice after using a charcoal face mask! The Nourishing Face Cream is exactly that – nourishing. It does feel a little bit heavy on my skin during the hot, humid summer nights, but I still enjoy using it. And I just know it’s going to feel even more amazing in the fall and winter months!

Sibu Beauty Age Defying Eye Cream

Sibu Beauty Sea Berry Therapy Skincare |

I recently found a new favourite eye cream, so when I tried the Sibu Age Defying Eye Cream I admit that I wasn’t expecting much. I was still too in love with the other eye treatment!

But colour me surprised – the Age Defying Eye Cream is really nice! It’s a heavier eye cream that really packs a moisturizing punch – exactly what my dehydrated under eye area needs! It sits beautifully under makeup, smoothing out my under eye area so that concealer doesn’t get caught in as many fine lines. I don’t know how age defying it is because I have only been using it a month, but it certainly keeps my eyes feeling hydrated.

I am so pleased I finally got my hands on Sibu Beauty – it’s definitely a brand I am excited to explore more! Is there a brand that you’ve been meaning to try for a long time but you just haven’t gotten around to it?

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.


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