Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipsticks

Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipsticks |

My favourite ever lipsticks are by Maybelline and one day I truly believe that I will own every one of their lipsticks. So you can imagine my excitement when the Maybelline Loaded Bolds lipstick line hit the Canadian drugstore shelves earlier this summer. The Loaded Bolds line is full of bold, vampy lipsticks in colours that have both dark reds and berries as well as shades you wouldn’t normally find like greige, purple and a limited edition navy blue that I am dying to get my hands on.

Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipsticks |

I have four of the Loaded Bolds line to share today: 790 Midnight Merlot, 800 Dynamite Red, 820 Berry Bossy and 830 Violet Vixen. If you’re familiar with the Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick line you will know that the formula is creamy and pigmented, but doesn’t slide around the lips. The Loaded Bolds are matte in formula, but like the other Maybelline matte lipsticks, they aren’t super drying. They last fairly well on my lips – they’re not a stay-all-day lipstick formula, but will last a good four or five hours before you need to touch up. Because they are so bold you would definitely benefit from a lip liner to keep the colour in place longer, but it’s not required. Oh, and they are quite heavily scented like vanilla like other Maybelline lipsticks, which is something to watch out for if you’re sensitive to scents.

Maybelline Loaded Bolds 790 Midnight Merlot

Maybelline Loaded Bolds Midnight Merlot Lip Swatch |

As you would expect, Midnight Merlot is a dark, sultry blackened wine that is going to be perfect for fall. This is one of those lipsticks that you can wear full on (above) or as a sort of stain for just a hint of colour.

Maybelline Loaded Bolds 800 Dynamite Red

Maybelline Loaded Bolds Dynamite Red Lip Swatch |

You can never go wrong with a classic, bright red and that is exactly what Dynamite Red is. I haven’t worn a red lipstick in a long time (I tend to go for purple or orange right now) but this one is slowly converting me back to the classic red.

Maybelline Loaded Bolds 820 Berry Bossy

Maybelline Loaded Bolds Berry Bossy Lip Swatch |

Berry Bossy was the big surprise of my little quartet – when I saw it in the tube I went another berry? but as soon as I swatched it I fell in love. It’s a gorgeous raspberry shade that I’m so excited to have in my collection!

Maybelline Loaded Bolds 830 Violet Vixen

Maybelline Loaded Bolds Violet Vixen Lip Swatch |

I couldn’t help myself…when I saw that the Loaded Bolds collection included a violet I had to have it. I own a few purple lipsticks, but they’re all slightly warmer than Violet Vixen, which is a true blue-toned purple. It definitely is handy to have a lip liner around that works with it though – because it’s so different from my natural lip colour I always get a pink outline around my lips, no matter how diligent I am with application.

I am truly in love with these lipsticks, and am definitely going to need to slowly amass more of the collection. Other than Midnight Blue (if I can find it) I think Gone Greige is calling to me the most. It might make me look ghoulish (only swatches will tell), but oh boy is it fun!

Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipstick Swatches - Dynamite Red, Berry Bossy, Violet Vixen, Midnight Merlot |

Have you tried any fun lipstick shades lately?

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.


4 thoughts on “Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipsticks

  1. Berry bossy is so on point for fall!! I have yet to find a good berry shade on me and I definitely don’t want to splurge $$ on one! I like the blue cases too, love everything blue! (Maybe not blue lipstick though)

    • Agh I want blue lipstick SO BADLY. I mean, I doubt I’d wear it out of the house, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one 😉

      I highly recommend these if you’re on the market!

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