A Travel Beauty Roundup: Skincare, Hygiene, Haircare & Tools

I have been collecting travel beauty bits and bobs for the past few months in the hope that I could do a round up before the end of summer, but little did I know that this is going to actually be useful for me next month! I am unexpectedly travelling to Toronto in September and then San Francisco in October for my new job so this process has been an exciting little bit of research for my own uses as well. I’ve collected an array of travel beauty bits to include in this post and hope to do a more in-depth post on what I’m taking in my makeup bag come September, so let’s just dig right in!

A Travel Beauty Roundup: Brushes, Skincare, Haircare & more | uptherollercoaster.com

Travel Beauty: Skincare, Hygiene, Haircare & Tools

Skincare & Hygiene

I had never tried a Konjac Sponge before the ecotools Pure Complexion Konjac Sponge, but I had always been intrigued by them. They’re a skincare tool that is quite hard when dry, but once you dampen turns into a soft, sponge-like material that feels quite nice against the skin. It’s purpose is to exfoliate and massage in your cleanser for a deeper clean, and something like this would be so handy on-the-go as it’s super light and it’s much easier to take out of the house than a traditional physical exfoliator.

I have been using these single- or double-use masks for years, and the 7th Heaven Chocolate Mud Mask sounds divine. I haven’t actually put it to use yet as I want to save it for my trip, but it’s a chocolate-smelling mask that deep cleans the skin. Because of it’s portable nature, it’s ideal for slipping into a suitcase for a mid-trip treat.

I raved about the Duckish Lotion Stick in Lavender when I received it back in March, and I still love it! It’s an easy, portable lotion that won’t explode all over your bag thanks to it’s beautiful stick form and it comes in travel sizes. So really, you can’t get much more convenient. The lavender scent will be particularly handy for me as I’m a very nervous flyer..

I don’t know what to say about the X3 Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer other than I always take a hand sanitizer with my while travelling, and this is one is perfect because of the pump-nature of the bottle. This is another non-exploding gem that won’t dry out your hands.

The last time I spoke about a Steripod, I wasn’t certain if I’d ever use one. Well I’m eating my words, because I’m actually very excited to put this one to good use in the next few months. You can see my previous review/explanation of what it does in the link above.

Hair Care

I’m a pretty low-key hair person, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler. I love my regular-size Tangle Teezer for every day use and was planning on taking it with me, but this one comes with a little cover for the bristles so they don’t get broken and/or so debris doesn’t get stuck in it. Plus, can we talk about that cute print?

I would never leave home without a travel-size bottle of the COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo. (See review here) It’s just unthinkable.


I take the BITE Beauty Compact Mirror with me wherever I go and rarely use it. But I figure that the ideal use for it is while not at home as your entire routine gets shuffled when you travel. Jet lag may just cause you to sleep too late, leaving you no time to do your makeup and then you have to put it on on public transit…you just never know.

I talked about the ecotools Day to Night Brush Set earlier this week and not throwing in another mention would just be wrong. This is a great little travel set and I love that the case zips up so neatly to keep the brushes clean and undamaged.

The one thing I feel that the Day to Night brush set is missing is a foundation brush. Well, the ecotools Stippling Brush (review coming soon) fits that bill perfectly. It’s my new favourite foundation brush, actually, and the fact that it fits in with the other brushes I plan to take with me just works so well.

What are your travel beauty staples?

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.


4 thoughts on “A Travel Beauty Roundup: Skincare, Hygiene, Haircare & Tools

  1. I used to carry my toothbrushes in a plastic bag which is kinda gross, a steripod is so much more stabler! I’m a huge fan of the tangle teezer too, love the small portable size! I forgot my comb when I went to harrison hot springs and it was a disaster 😦

    • I did the plastic bags too – it’s better than the toothbrush just having the toothbrush rolling around in the suitcase!

      Oh man, I bet being in the hot springs without a brush/comb would be tough!!!

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