My Experience at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Toronto!

While I was in Toronto, I couldn’t help but go to the newly opened BITE Beauty Lip Lab on Queen Street West. I’ve wanted to go to the one in New York since I first heard about it and it was too good of an opportunity to pass up to walk by it and not go in. Initially I was all oh, I’m just gonna go in and look around, but as soon I stepped in the door I knew that was a lie.

BITE Beauty Lip Lab Toronto |

The BITE Beauty Lip Lab is a large, open space with a counter in the front for making your custom lipsticks and a lab in the back where they make the lip lab product. They have a whole wall featuring BITE’s current line up of lipsticks and I was drooling just at those. I hadn’t even got to mine yet.

The whole experience took around half an hour from explaining what kind of lipstick I was looking for (long wearing but comfortable, something nude, but plum-toned…kind of like MAC Plumful) to leaving the store with my new lipstick in hand.

The man helping me, who was sporting a delightful Barbie-pink lipstick, offered me a strawberry lip scrub (that legitimately tasted like strawberry!) while taking me through the finishes that they offered at the lip lab (Creme, Matte or Amuse Bouche). While I exfoliated my lips (the scrub left my lips feeling so soft!) he also grabbed me a cookie (which they offered for free and I was delighted to accept). I then primed my lips with BITE’s lip primer and he started mixing.

BITE Beauty Lip Lab Toronto - My Custom Lipstick Colours |

It didn’t take us long to find the perfect shade – only two colours were needed before I fell in love. I started off with the matte formula, but I also wanted to try the Amuse Bouche formula. That was the one I ended up falling in love with.

Once my shade was chosen, the bullet was created. I wish I had thought to take a video, but honestly I was so enamored with the process that I completely forgot. It was fascinating, though! He melted down the lipstick colour, added the finish and scent (I chose lime) and spun it all together in a machine that spun ridiculously fast – and then poured it down into the chilled mold. It took only 7 minutes for the lipstick to set, and then I was ready to go!

(During the wait I also tried on Kale from the Amuse Bouche line…and I’m honestly very glad I hadn’t bought it yet. Wasn’t as wonderful as I expected…but Squid Ink on the other hand…may need to be mine.)

BITE Beauty Lip Lab Toronto - Swag |

He wrapped my lipstick up in a little box, accompanied by a sample of BITE’s Agave Lip Mask and popped it in a bag with some samples of the BITE lip wipes and a BITE Beauty compact mirror. The attention to detail and customer service in the Bite Beauty Lip Lab is amazing, I wish I had gotten the name of the man who helped me because I’d love to pass on how thrilled I am with the entire experience, his cheerfulness and the lipstick that is now all mine.

I never thought I’d find a lipstick formula that I loved more than Maybelline’s Creamy Matte lipsticks or a shade that I loved more than Bite’s Rhubarb, but I have! From the packaging (gah, look at those lip prints on the lipstick!) to the shade and the experience at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, it’s something that I highly recommend for every beauty lover…and one that I’m glad I decided to splurge on!

BITE Beauty Lip Lab Toronto - My Custom Lipstick |

BITE Beauty Lip Lab Toronto - My Custom Lipstick Swatched |

If anyone is interested, this is what it looks like on the lips! I love the Amuse Bouche formula, and this colour is so perfect!


22 thoughts on “My Experience at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Toronto!

  1. (I wish I met up with you while I was in Toronto! WHERE WAS MY INVITE jk)
    I haven’t been to the Bite Lab yet because #poorAF, but I’m excited that was finally have our own lab! I want to try Kale and Squid Ink as well, but who knows where I’ll be able to wear those shades.

    Love the shade you created! 🙂

  2. did you created your own shade? Or you picked a color from all the colors they already have? On Bite’s site it says if you choose to create your own shade, it will be like 150 dollars for 2 shades! It sounds like you just picked a shade from all the shades they already have?

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