Two to Try: Brightening Skincare from Paula’s Choice

Can you tell that I’ve been obsessed with brightening skincare recently? I now own far more radiance boosting, moisturizing, brightening skincare than any one person ought to, but with the winter weather starting to roll in I have been so paranoid that my skin is going to turn into a dry ol’ husk. I’ve already experienced flakiness around my nose…I never thought I’d be longing for the oily days of summer.

Paula’s Choice has come to my rescue this time around and has provided me with two beautiful skincare bits to share with you today. So if you’ve been as obsessed with brightening skincare as I have been lately you’re in luck.

Brightening Skincare with Paula's Choice

Paula’s Choice RESIST Brightening Essence

I’ve never used an essence before. Toners, yes, serums, sure, but an essence is a new one in my skincare arsenal. I’ve been using the RESIST Brightening Essence like a serum as instructed on the back of the bottle: 2-3 drops on my face and neck morning and night, followed by SPF in the day time.

This bit of brightening skincare is a lightweight liquid that is easily massaged and absorbed into the skin. Have some redness you want sorted? This’ll help you even that out. Skin looking a bit dull? Yup, it’ll help ya on that front too. For such a lightweight thing, I am surprised with how nicely this essence has worked with my skin. I definitely notice when I don’t use it – my skin looks less glowy and healthy when I skip it for a day. It’s become a new must-have and doesn’t make the oily bits of my skin (t-zone mostly) any oilier.

Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask

I have never found a hydrating/brightening mask that has done a lot for me. Sure, there are ones that have made my skin feel good temporarily, but I’ve never used a mask that has shown it’s benefits for days after use until Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask. I assumed it would be another skin-plumping mask that would be nice, but not great. I was wrong.

The skin on my chest is never as soft as I would like. I can put all of the moisturizers and serums on it in the world and it stays coarse. Without thinking one night when I was testing the Radiance Renewal Mask, I took the mask down to my chest, like I do with all skincare, and then I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t stop touching the skin on my chest. I’m sure I looked strange to my husband just casually caressing my chest, but it was just that soft. The skin on my face can feel soft fairly easily, but for the Radiance Renewal Mask to work that quickly on the coarser skin on my chest left me in awe.

I had to stop myself from using it as my evening moisturizer (thought it is beautiful as a night cream!) to see how long the effects lasted, and I was still noticing how soft my skin was three days later.

I admit that I didn’t notice a lot of brightening effects from this mask, but the moisture it provided my skin did make it more glowy and radiant, especially when I paired it with the Brightening Essence. I can already tell you that these little bits of brightening skincare will be coming with me when I go home to Alberta, where the winters are much drier than here in Halifax!

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.


5 thoughts on “Two to Try: Brightening Skincare from Paula’s Choice

  1. I am super intrigued by the essence… my skin looks so dull, especially in the winter… anything that could possibly help is a must try in my books. When are you coming to Alberta???

  2. hahaha I’ve had that weird skin stroking moment before – it’s how you know when you have a winner! The mask is really great and I haven’t opened my essence yet, so good to know that it’s really nice as well 🙂

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