Chorus Superatural Skincare Review

Y’all know I love trying Canadian brands, and that I’ve been trying to go more green in my beauty choices. This has been on my mind for a few months, so I was thrilled when I heard from Chorus Supernatural Skincare, who were the winners of five Clean Beauty Awards this year!

I was thrilled to try two products from their line of products, which range from skincare to haircare to bodycare and SPF. Both of the products I tried are skincare and are focused on oily skin types.

Chorus Supernatural Skincare Clarifying Moisturizer

The first product I tried was the Chorus Supernatural Clarify Moisturizer for Oily or Combination Skin. This is a mattifying moisturizer and my skin is definitely drier in the winter, so I need to add a beauty oil under it or it’s too dry for me right now. That being said, I can tell that my skin will love this moisturizer in the summer! After using this moisturizer my skin feels soft and smooth as if I applied a smoothing primer rather than a moisturizer.

And is it weird that I love the pump? The whole bottle fits really nicely in my hand and the pump is so satisfying to use. I dunno, that feels weird to say, but it’s true.

Chorus Naturals Skincare Clarifying Moisturizer and Peel

The second product I tried is the Chorus Supernatural Glycolic Lotion for All Skin Types. This is an exfoliating peel that you apply to the skin, leave on for around ten minutes and wash off, revealing softer skin. Exfoliating is my favourite skincare step and I usually have a preference for physical exfoliators, though I have been known to fall hard for peels as well.

I admit, I didn’t fall hard for this one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a nice peel, but my skin needs something a little stronger. The glycolic lotion is super gentle (it’d be great if you have sensitive skin!) and unfortunately that means that for it to really have an effect on my skin I need to use it almost daily. That’s great for some people but I am pretty darn lazy with my skincare at night, so it’s a tough one for me to do.

That being said, when I do use it every night or every night my skin feels amazing! It’s definitely worth it to stick it out for the results on this one. I think perhaps a scrub from Chorus Supernatural skincare might be a little better suited to my stubborn skin.

I am so pleased with my introduction to the Chorus Supernatural skincare line – I’d love to try their spot treatment and eye cream, for instance! This company is one I’m keeping bookmarked for future reference (and if I ever end up running out of skincare!)

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.